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 If you are like most home owners, you are paying your mortgage each month with no end insight except for 30 years of payments. You could pay extra principle payments,  make bi-monthly payments or double your payments and take out a 15 year mortgage. But what if you could:

Payoff your mortgage in about half the timeSave thousands in interestDo it without grudginly making additional yearly paymentsAlways have your equity conveniently available to you

Imagine what you could do if your mortgage was paid off? I believe in this program so much that i refianced my home in this program.

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I work with customers who are looking to refiance their homes to save money monthly but also payoff their homes to become debt free.

I also work with a lot of First Time Home Buyers who need a loan officer who will look out for their best interest and not put them in a program that will enrich myself but that will benefit the buyer for the long term.

After the purchase, i will be there for my customers. I send out a quartely RATE WATCH ANALYSIS to each client so they are kept up to date on the real estate market and when is the best time to refiance their home.


IMAGINE PAYING OFF YOUR MORTGAGE IN HALF THE TIME, with no change in your spending habits with a loan called the HOME OWNERSHIP ACCELERATOR. I refinanced my home in this program.