George Stacey (United Real Estate - Dallas)

III Lincoln Center

5430 LBJ Freeway, Suite 280

Dallas , TX 75240

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I am a Realtor in the DFW area. Working mostly suburban residential properties with goals to branch into commercial, farm and ranch.

Get to know George Stacey

I kind of consider myself to be a Swiss Army Knife, not so much the fluffy powder puff type of Realtor.  I would rather be challenged with finding a specific type, or selling a hard to sell property from a transaction perspective than winning based on a relationship.  Don't get me wrong, relationships are important too but I would rather bring real value add and win than simply being the relationship maestro.  As a second careerist however, I see this profession as one where I can give back and actually help someone(s).  It is very gratifying personally to help a young family just starting out purchase their first home. 

I guess I try to be kind of Realtor I would want to hire.  Is that wrong?


I have lived in North Texas (DFW) for 20 years and in the Grand Republic for 30.  I have traveled south to north and while there are many spots I haven't seen, I've touched a lot of them.  Due to my current location I work mainly the eastern counties of DFW; Rockwall, Hunt, Van Zandt, Collin, Ellis, and of course Dallas but my goal is to over time migrate into the farming and ranching lands of East Texas.  Having recently purchased rural property in Wood County, I rather relished learning about and negotiating mineral rights.  What an education!  For now however I am successful helping buyers and sellers in DFW locate / buy and sell properties.

I trained extensively on Real Estate Inspection techniques and while not licensed, I am pretty sharp at spotting problem areas and helping educate my clients.  I attended training and became certified as a Green Realtor and can help clients understand the issues around structural efficiency as well as the true meaning of "GREEN".

OH yes, I also live in a 130 year house that drips with history.  Built by a one armed Confederate/ Civil War Veteran, inhabited by families with rich civic ties to Rockwall serving as educators and elected officials, seeing pictures of this place on it's knees in abandonment and disrepair, then seeing it take it's place as "Miss December" in a calendar of significant historic homes.  I've spent way too much money and time fixing it up but somebody had to do it.  Lucky me..... 


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