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Welcome to Preferred Mortgage

Division of Sunset Mortgage Company

Oregon License ML-137

"Doing Business in the Borrower's Interest"

Helping you make informed decisions is very important to us. We will provide advice and counseling throughout the lending process. In meeting the individual needs of our clients, our customized solutions have one common goal: to help you get the lowest cost loan at the best wholesale rate.

Doing business transparently is an important part of our commitment to excellent customer service. 

Providing friendly service, with integrity and intelligence is fundamental to the way we do business. "Doing business in the borrower's interest" is more than our slogan. It's our commitment to you.


Available mortgage programs include:

Residential and Commercial; Purchase or Refinance; Debt Consolidation; Investment Properties; Construction; Jumbos; Conventional; FHA;VA; USDA; and more.


Our Promise


All costs are disclosed accurately at the beginning, rather than the end of the loan process.  There are no hidden charges or fees.  The total cost of the loan you choose will be clearly and completely understood by you before you spend a single dollar.  Preferred Mortgage's total income from the loan transaction will not exceed the fee agreed upon with you the borrower. We quote wholesale, not retail, interest rates. Our state of the art technology automatically and continuously monitors the lowest priced wholesale interest rates. Our loan products have no prepayment penalties. We will never recommend a loan product that doesn't meet your sound financial goals.   We will provide you the borrower with a copy of the rate lock commitment from the lender as soon as it is received.  This prevents the broker from substituting his or her own lock for the lender's, a practice that puts a few additional dollars in the broker's pocket but leaves the borrower unprotected against a serious spike in interest rates. The fixed-dollar lender charges shown on the Good Faith Estimate will not be changed as long as the loan being applied for is not changed. Third party fees will be passed along with no direct or indirect markup by the broker.  The broker will in fact try to negotiate preferential prices with third party service providers.     Preferred Mortgage stays on top of the markets.  We follow the latest developments. Through our research team, you can count on receiving the best answers available to the questions you have. We will always act in your best interest.

Need to be Pre-Approved? Visit my website and fill out our easy secure online application. I will get back to you promptly with an answer!


Best Regards,


Mortgage Banker

OL 223387


NOTE:  For a valid comparison between lenders, your credit score and completed loan application are necessary for Preferred Mortgage to thoroughly determine which loan program, interest rate, and fees you are most qualified for. Proper lender comparisons should be based on identical loans, on the same day, with the same terms and conditions.





Arthur Hall: Mortgage Banker, Oregon licensed Loan Originator, certified Upfront Mortgage Broker and 1970 to '74 O.S.U. Beaver! A thorough banker who listens carefully and responds thoughtfully.