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518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Ste 1

Santa Fe , NM 87505 -0398

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Helping SmartBuyers and Sellers in Santa Fe's real estate market - 25+ years - find great values and achieve their goals. And NOW is an excellent time for You in Santa Fe, NM!

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Voted "Best of Santa Fe" by the readers of the Santa Fe Reporter, we're not resting on our laurels. We have a trademarked phrase "Superb Service for All Your Real Estate Needs" tm which we feel enlivens our approach, whether we're working with Buyers or Sellers or our Real Estate Colleagues. Our Qualifying Broker, Susan Harris, has 25+ years practicing real estate and has earned the advanced designations CRS, GREEN, GRI, TRC, At Home With Diversity. We're a small group of Realtors - and purposely so: we feel this enhances our team approach and allows us to better serve our clients. And, in this technological age, we've adopted technological assists to make us more effective in helping our clients.  However, just as Santa Fe is unique, so are we. We've been saying "We Believe You'll Want to Know Us" and We Believe We'll Want to Know You!

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Primarily residential sales: focusing always on "good values in real estate" - specializing in authentic Santa Fe, historic and architectually significant homes, as well as green and sustainable neighborhoods - East Side, South Capitol, Northside, Aldea, La Tierra, Tesuque, Southside: Eldorado area, Oshara, Park Plazas, Pueblo del Sol, Nave Ade, Rancho Viejo, and the intriguing "tucked away" areas and hidden gems... 

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