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Heather Pendragon
location_on Surrey, BC
Royal LePage
Get to Know Heather Pendragon
Lila H
* Outgoing *Cheerful *Willing to go that extra step *More than capable *Ability to see the best in everyone and everything *Knowledgeable *Resourceful
Ian & Katia
Heather is: Passionate Personally invested in each client Dedicated and knowledgeable Honest Caring Seeks to understand your needs and wants Loyal friend Tenacious Hope this helps! There's so much more we could say!!!! Love, Ian and K
Louise E
Ok Heather, here is your description in point form (as I see you!) 1. genuine 2. creative 3. energetic 4. fun loving 5. kind 6. hard worker 7. fearless and bold 8. courageous 9. honest and gullible (at times) 10. unselfish / generous (to the point of putting yourself in the poor house!) I suggest you ask to watch your Animal Planet documentary. Sorry it's not much of a 'letter' but I'm one of few words and would rather tell it as it is rather than beat around the bush!!! You are a superstar in my mind and a humanitarian (nobody can say that about me). Take care girl, Louise
Marg P
Heather is a very people oriented person. She can find common ground with anyone. She can put a person at ease easily. She is very intelligent and picks things up quickly. She never does things half way they are either all the way or not at all. She is a very warm outgoing person.