Jim Henderson (VizConnect LLC)

Stow , MA 01775

Founder, Chief Operating Officer and General Counsel of VizConnect.

Get to know Jim Henderson

In my position as COO and General Counsel of VizConnect, I bring over 20 years of corporate and business legal experience, including handling both residential and commerical real estate transactions.  I also bring a long history of technology expertise, assisting colleagues and other on matters as diverse as website design, mobile technolgoy, graphic design and general troubleshooting.


VizConnect's video management service is particularly well-suited for tech-savvy realtors who use the latest technologies to generate new listings and idenitfy active buyers.  VizConnect offers an easy-to-use interface that allows a realtor to do the following:

(1) Associate a video to a QR code used in connection with a particular listing, on all printed materials.  This could be beauty sheets, riders, newspaper and magazine advertising, etc.

(2) Change video as often as necessary, without repriting the exisitng materials.  So items already in the marketplace can be updated to present open house hours, price changes and other relevant information.

(3) Elicit a direct response by the consumer through VizConnect's unique call-to-action page, which follows each video.  A consumer can call the realtor with one touch on their smartphone, access the webpage for the listing or office, or even share the video in social media with other interested consumers.

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