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We help you buy, sell, lease and trade real estate-Fast, Fair and Easy. In fact, it's EZ or it's Free Guarantee. Proven trademark system helps you know in minutes if and how we can help you, too!

Get to know EZ Homebuyers

"Local Reporter Sees First Hand The Amazing Benefits To Sellers, Renters and First Time Homebuyers"


Indiana based company “cracks the code” on flexible financing. The original Homebuying Program helps families’ sell without realtor costs. Allows renters & first time buyers to escape the rental trap.

 “Once you become an EZ Home Buyer client you can expect the best service in the industry. And you get perks like in house closings that reduce escrow costs 83% and transactions closed 7 times faster than average.” This allows sellers more freedom and for people who would otherwise be forced to rent until they build up down payment or credit, they can now take pride in their homeownership.


And the relationship continues after the sale with their Credit Correction and ID Protection Program.

“The CCID Program works wonders for bad credit buyers and sellers who haven’t updated their history. Especially for those with late payments, divorce, or even medical bills. The CCID Program runs about $7600.00 at most credit companies. But because of our economies of scale we offer it to our clients for about 1/10th of that.” Mr. Novac marvels about the company’s successful history, "In the last decade we have bought and sold thousands of homes and people still talk about this great ‘new home program’.


Mr. Novac suggested those comfortable with the internet go to their Web site at http://www.ezhomebuyers.com

“You simply contact us, explain how we can help and in minutes we’ll be able to tell you if and how we can help. Our staff looks forward to helping you. Call to discuss your goals.” Sounds like good advice from someone who has been advising on real estate since the last housing slump. Mr Novac gave out the following company information for those interested in selling or buying a home on a land contract:

Website: www.EZhomebuyers.com Phone: (260) 436-5000


Do You Want to Sell a House Fast For a Fair Price?

Estate sale?


Thanks to the continuing backlash against realtor commissions and long listing periods we
now have better ways to sell a house. As private investors we can buy houses in any
condition or price range. This allows you to close quickly and sell 'as-is' (no inspection worries or bank approvals needed).

Depending on your circumstances, we may make several different offers so you can choose
the one that works best for you.  Simply tell us WHAT YOU NEED, and we'll customize a
solution for you.


Fill out our Fast Action Response Form to see if your house qualifies for our unique homebuying system where you can sell your house for a fair price and close on the date of your choice. Just go to, EZhomebuyers.com


Remember, we back our service with the industry’s only “EZ or it's Free Guarantee” so you can have the piece of mind of a Fast, Fair and Easy transaction. You have nothing to loose. So, visit our website, EZhomebuyers.com

Or call the 24 hour home Hotline, (260) 436-5000. You’ll be glad you did.


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