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  (Bob Elliott) Home and Condo Inspector      Not only do I have the best report system in the business,but it is full of easy to understand photos and illustrations.  Chicago Property Inspection .com Chicagoland Home Inspection.com                          Elliott Home Inspection .com Homeandcondoinspection.com Why is a Home Inspection needed ? Go here to find out.....chicagohomeinspection.info   Elliott Home Inspection is an owner operated, rapid response company with friendly yet professional service.Chicagoland home and condo inspection is my Passion .whether I am meeting with clients or writing my reports I look for protection of people and property to equal peace of mind. I sincerely look forward to meeting your new home.                                                                                          (Bob Elliott)   Professional home inspector(licensed by the State of Illinois) Proud member of the national Association of certified home inspectors Also a proud member of the local chapter of the national Association of certified home inspectors here in Chicago. Also a successful graduate of the bellman group(certified educators in home inspection training) Consider them to be best in the business.  15 years of managing maintaining and remodeling apartment buildings in the Chicago area primarily along the lakefront in Chicago while maintaining membership in#1 of the S.E.I.U. I am a member of the inspectors journal community 10 Years owner operator of Neon sign business (Yes I blow glass)  U.S chamber of commerce member                                                                                                                                    Six years experience as an appliance installer for Sears, this included running 110, 220 V service to and from appliances.  Installing dishwashers, cutting counter tops and installingcooktops.  Running gas lines, installing new venting running to the outside of homes and buildings. Approximately 15 years in the telecommunication industry and infrastructure maintenance, as a cable splicing technician, networking computers, and is a general troubleshooter of telephone line systems. This includes working for companies such as Ameritech, SBC, TCI, prime cable, AT&T, and Comcast. I've spent most of my life doing various handyman jobs involving plumbing, electric, and carpentry. One might say a fairly well-rounded background is what's needed to be a generalist such as a home inspector.  If this is true then I qualify.  You'll find me eager to help you in any way I can as this is the profession I have chosen out of want and not of need. I do the best I can to be professional ,friendly ,courteous and do the best I can help make the process as smooth as possible.communication is the key. [Bob Elliott] I can still think of a few more reasons you need to call me. Did you know I will come back and look again on a final walkthrough most likely with no further charge. Did you know I have partnered with Dominic Marcic to bring you the Best report possible through Home Inspection pro software. Did you know you can call me anytime later one with questions or concerns.(Free of charge) Did you know I care about making everything as stress free as possible.


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Home inspection Serving Chicago and Chicagoland area "I look forward to meeting your home" Property inspection is my PASSION so never hesitate to call me at 773-410-2896