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In the early 1980’s Hunter read three books by Robert Allen. (Creating Wealth, Nothing Down and The Challenge) After reading those the seed had been planted for his future career..    He was working in the family business at that time. For 20 years he stumbled along selling auto parts to other mom & pop automotive shops and he thought it was great.   He purchased his first home at the young age of 22 years old with techniques he learned. He acquired  the antique furniture and lots of other things left on the property. He negotiated a lower down payment as well as a lower monthly payment. He thought his greatest accomplishment from this deal is that he owned a home and that he would never have to pay rent again. Little did he know that this house was going to be the first of many in his real estate career.   He continued to work with the family business until February 1997 making a whopping $300.00 a week take home pay and working anywhere from 12 to 15 hours a day. He had already bought 3-4 houses at that time but still hadn't made the break. In late 1996 he cashed a check for $43,000.00 from a house he had controlled for some time. At that time he decided with his future wife’s help that he was going to become a real estate investor full time and not follow in his fathers footsteps as he had been doing for the last 20 years.   Hunter is constantly doing massive amounts of research and has evolved into a powerful influential national speaker on short sales. He has many talents but the one he likes the best is interacting with people and watching and learning from them every day. He has been interviewed by 2 local televisions stations asking him about the foreclosure market and has appeared on the Montel Williams show, speaking on how he made his first  millions in real estate, going from mechanic to millionaire.   In his real estate investing career, he has personally negotiated over 1,000 short sales with his students. The last three years of teaching he has trained thousands of people in live seminars on how to do Short Sales. His training is delivered with wonderful candor and humor that continues to captivate the audience.   As he started his quest of being a transaction engineer of buying and selling real estate, it just so happened that his father approached him with a judgment letter with a foreclosure sale date set for only 5 days away. That brought more memories to him because 10 years prior he had been in foreclosure himself.   With all the training he had he was in a position to save his own father and mother's home. He worked with the bank and stopped the house from going to sale and then put the property into a trust (which is taught in his seminar). Bottom line was that he saved his parent’s home that they had lived in for over 20 years as well as the $50,000.00 equity that had accrued over the years.   To date, through his students’ efforts and his, they have saved thousands of families from foreclosure and he has negotiated DOWN over $50 million dollars in debt with banks and lenders on behalf of the seller. It’s very rewarding, financially, as well as emotionally, when you are helping a homeowner in foreclosure. Everyone wins. The seller, the bank, the new buyer, our economy and you. Yes, helping people can make you money and that first check is so liberating!   His team has become a dominant force in the real estate market and he is helping others do the exact same. More importantly, lives are being changed, not only for his team and him, but the homeowners in foreclosure.  

We know there are plenty of people out there saying they are the experts in short sales but after you attend one of Hunter's events you WILL know everything you need, From start to finish a short sale and help out the seller.

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Jim Dunne
Should I spend $49.00 to go this training? I have been doing short sales for 8 years and have known Hunter since then. Being on Hunters Email List I had seen the notice of the August 17 training. I decided to attend, I can always learn something new at most meetings. In the week prior to the training, I had signed up with Hunter’s program, and sent a deal for his consideration. The Daughter of the seller is the POA for her Mom who is going into an ALF. The daughter is a Para-legal and works with a law firm. I had given her all the documents on Sunday for her to gather the info and sign. She showed these documents to one of the Attorneys at her work on Wednesday to make sure signing them was ok. Wednesday afternoon the Attorney called me to ask several questions. After I answered his questions pertaining to the documents, and short sale process, he told me that he approves of all f Hunter’s documents, and also what he knew of the process to this point. His last question had nothing to do with the documents but to do with a short sale he had in progress. I knew part of the answer so I said I am not an Attorney but I will get the answer and get back to him on Thursday morning. The Attorney mentioned he has dozens of cases he is working on and several short sales. I emailed Hunter stating the question and he sent me an email with the complete answer. I called the Attorney this morning 8-22-13, (I think this was a test) stating I am sure you know the answer more than likely but here is what Hunter said. He was very thankful for the answer and I asked him if he does much work with short sales, yes was his answer. I asked if he would be interested in working out an agreement that we would do all the short sale work and pay him a fee on each deal. The Attorney said he would be 1000% interested in working a deal. I told him I could possibly get Hunter on the phone to discuss this, he asked if we could do a 3 way call at 1 pm. I contacted Hunter and we arranged to do the call that very day. Everything worked out perfectly thanks to Hunter’s knowledge, process and truthfulness in handling the call. We are all going to work together! The attorney asked for me to call him at 10 am Friday so we can make a time to meet and pick up a few short sales!!! We have just started our short sale affiliation with Hunter, but we are comfortable with our decision and he is proving to be the best in this business. His systems and staff are unmatched and I am extremely happy I attended this training. Great job Hunter! Many thanks, Jim Dunne
Roy and Lois Schultz
We can’t say enough good things about Hunter and his team, as to the successes we’ve had in partnering with 3 Days Live on the negotiation of short sales. Everyone involved is knowledgeable about the short sale process, professional in the handling of the deal, and all work diligently to get the job done. Each deal has also been a learning experience for us; it is so rewarding to work with a seller on a short sale, especially one with a house in foreclosure, to find a buyer, and to close the deal. We look forward to a continuing partnership in the years to come.
Huzaifa & Willy
We have been working on short sales with Hunter since 2007. That’s right we got into short sales when the market was tanking. We believed in what Hunter was doing, plus he had the checks to prove it! =) You can only imagine what we are doing now that the market is stabilizing. During the past year we have been doing the short sales ourselves however we still use Hunter to structure our deals and fund them. We have learned A LOT from Hunter and still do! Through his help we have achieved our short term goals and are setting a pathway for our long term goals. He is a great mentor/coach and has built an amazing team!! We recommend their program to anyone wanting to make some serious money in the Real Estate business. Huzaifa & Willy

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