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At Dallas Design Group, its all about you. What are you looking for in a house plan or a new home design? We are experts in home plans. For almost 40 years, we’ve designed for home builders and owne

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Looking for  the perfect Stock house plan? Have you considered a new design instead? If not, you should. It costs less than most people think. As long as you have a clear idea of what you are looking for in a new home, room sizes and count, style, and a few other details, we can design it for you quickly and affordably. Our design team has decades of experience in listening to clients and interpreting their ideas and helping our clients design their perfect home. Our prices start as low as $1.25 per square foot for a complete set of architectural plans. Everything you will need to have your builder estimate the costs to build your new home. Our plans include all the necessary documentation for you to get your building permit, and to help guide you and your builder throughout the construction process…We also design virtually as well, working over the phone and internet, using concept drawings, pictures, sketches, webcams etc…We can design your new home no matter where you are in the world. We design starter house plans, luxury house plans, light commercial buildings, estate home plans, town-homes, apartments, condominiums, medical offices, and much more. Our specialty is unique custom design. Call our office to schedule a free consultation on your Architectural design project. (972) 907-0080. Conveniently located in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metro-Plex, our design team will help you throughout every phase of the architectural design process. Dallas Design group works with individuals, home builders, developers, and realtors. With many years of creative experience our talented design team is here to help you. Call us at U.S. #1-(972)-907-0080 for a free design consultation. M-F 9-5 central standard time.

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Custom Designs that are elegant and timeless including French Chateau, Mediterranean, Neo-Classical, Traditional, European Tudor, Contemporary, Modern, Spanish Villa etc...

With decades of experience creating unique beautiful designs that translate easily from the construction documents, blueprints, and specifications into the field, your builder will appreciate our attention to architectural detail.


Why Buy from us?

Why choose  a home plan from Dallas Design Group  Architecture?

There are lots of home plan websites offering thousands of home plans online. There are very few that can match the quality and originality of home plans designed by Dallas Design Group. All of our plans and designs were designed by Award winning architects and designers and the designs were client driven. These homes were designed to be a custom home and the designs are the results of countless meetings, and hours spent working through design challenges creating a unique design for an individual client. Our plans are not “Stock plans” They are all Dallas Design Group originals designs offered online for the first time. Award winning Architect “Fred Wynn” our founder, created beautiful home plans that were ahead of his time. A true visionary, an artist, a designer, a home builder, a licensed interior designer, these talents can be seen in the beauty of his designs and home plans. Dallas Design Group has taken the challenge out of finding a great home design.

Our designs are among the very best in the industry. The designs can be modified, rooms can be added or subtracted, elevations can be changed. If you find a floor plan you like, but the style is different from what you are looking for, we can take that floor plan and change the style to match, creating the perfect house plan for you. For over 40 years, Dallas Design Group has set the standard in Architectural design. Today, hundreds of our designs are available for purchase online at a fraction of the cost of a new architectural plan. Our construction drawings are highly detailed, each plan comes with three full pages of construction notes to guide your builder and experienced workmen throughout every phase of construction. Every Dallas Design Group home plan includes the following items:

Cover Sheet and Index Wall sections and notes Detailed Floor Plans Full electrical layout plans Exterior Elevations of all four sides of the Home Schematic foundation plan Detailed Interior elevations Roof Plan Building sections and details Interior elevations Our plans are created with the highest standards of quality. Each plan goes through a comprehensive checking process to ensure accuracy. Our plans are drawn to meet the 2006 International Residential Code of One & Two Family Dwellings and the 2006 International Building Code .

Variety We offer 350+ pre-designed home plans that include wonderful floor plans, beautiful amenities, and a nice selection of different styles and a wide range of home plan sizes. We offer many home plan options, allowing you to find a nice home plan to fit your living style, and at prices that are a great value!

Quality Our home plans are appealing and architecturally significant. Designed by masters in their field, the plans found on our website are far from your average stock plan. These homes are some of the best designs in the industry, designed for curb appeal and with resale in mind. Beautifully flowing rooms, wonderful open floor plans, tall ceilings, unique ceiling treatments, plentiful storage space, fire places galore and many other features define homes designed by Dallas Design Group.

Service When you choose a home plan from Dallas Design Group, that is just the beginning of our services. We will be there to support you throughout the construction process. We will answer any builder questions that may arise, help you with plan modifications if necessary, and provide you with a variety of different plan format options from Cad files, to PDF files, or printed sets, and even mini sets. Dallas Design Group has the flexibility to meet your home plan needs on the job site and beyond.

Convenience We make the ordering process easy for you. You can process your order online, or you can call us and we will process your order for you right over the phone. Plan modification orders, or other plan options can be processed over the phone as well. Experienced team members will field you calls and questions to make the home plan buying process as easy as possible. With over 40 years of industry experience we strive to help every customer find the perfect home plan to meet their needs.

Value Our home plans are designed to build, timeless custom designs that translate easily from the drawing board into the field. Designs that are unique, plans that are easy to work with, and homes that are great to live in!

Dedication We are always on the cutting edge of architectural design. Our research allows us to make recommendations including some of the latest features that are popular in the marketplace, from green designs, to energy efficient features such as Geo thermal or solar heating. At Dallas Design Group, we will work with your builder to make sure that you home plan and design is up to date and built to today’s standards..

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