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Realtors are essential to successfully buying, selling, or renting the right home. Realtors like James Stanczak have gone through hundreds, if not thousands of hours of training. Realtors are certified in getting deals done correctly. Correctly managing real estate transactions will maximize an individuals financial and living potential. Realtors deal with everything to do with negotiating, buying, and selling property. Most people would not call a Realtor to he...lp a broken leg, or to treat an illness, nor would someone try to treat a broken leg on their own. Realtors like James Stanczak prevent individuals from having a broken leg when buying or selling property. James specializes in many areas of real estate, like a doctor does in treating all kinds of patients. Not all Realtors are the same, and each have different backgrounds. James Stanczak of Keller Williams N.E, Kingwood, Texas is unique. James is a husband and father in a blended family of seven. He is a former medical student and two time United States Congressional Candidate. James is a private pilot, film, and photography expert. He is also a former music teacher and owner of MusiCenter, Kingwood. In 2014 James added the title Realtor to his resume. James has always loved real estate, and has spent years working with Realtors renting, buying, and selling property. James says " the right home is a happy home, and that is the foundation of what we need most in America today, strong and happy families". With his Realtor debut, James is setting a new industry standard that he coins, "The Gold Standard." James says, "after interviewing agents and brokers all over the country since 2007, I discovered that everyone is number one at something in this industry. In order for me to compete, I am going to have to set a new standard. I realize that to be number one, not only do I have to set an example as an individual, I have to know the industry, and my clients have to be treated better than number one. My clients are gold, and with that I believe the standard should be set higher, especially if Realtors like myself want to achieve and maintain a mutual level of respect with their clients. The biggest challenge I have is proving myself to clients who come to me because they had a bad experience, or ran into problem after problem buying, selling, and renting on their own. More often than not, these individuals did not understand the obstacles that we as Realtors solve. We are the practitioners of standards." James has set his standard well. Even though he is on the ballot and in the middle of election season, he is not focused not on politics, but treating his clients like gold. James is an eighth generation Texan. He is proven in customer satisfaction and has had his own businesses for over 20 years. Stanczak now stands for real estate. Call James Stanczak Today !. 832-987-8621 and find out why "Stanczak Stands For Real Estate." www.RealtyKingwood.comHouston Tx Real Estate


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