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A top selling real estate agent in the Billings, Montana area specializing in residential and multi-family properties. Licensed for 31 years, maintains a large statistical file of real estate data

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I average helping more than 70 families sell or purchase properties during the year.  Very active in the real estate market in Billings and have maintained statistical data since 1982 to help my clients make the best decision about buying and selling in the area.  No one has more information than I have to help inform their clients so they may make the best decision.

Since he began his real estate career in 1982, Howard Sumner has focused on two single objectives: Provide the kind of service you'd give your best friend --- and ---be the most knowledgable agent in Billings.

Along the way, he has taken over 60 real estate education courses, published dozens of newspaper articles, and compiled one of the area''''s largest real estate statistical databases.
Howard's knowledge and many years of experience have earned him a reputation as one of Montana's most reliable real estate experts.

Service that exceeds expectation. Knowledge. Experience. These are just a few of the reasons Howard has won awars for real estate excellence, and why he was chosen as Billing''''s Realtor of the Year in 1995, and Salesperson of the Year in 2003. These are the same reasons why so many families have chosen him to be their family Realtor.
It''''s no surprise tht a 19-year-old, on his own for the first time and new to the broad vistas of Montana would be brimming with enthusiasm and the belief that anything is possible. What is surprising is that the same "young man" feels even more strongly today -- more than three decades later. Howard Sumner was that 19-year-old.
And today, he is a man who has realized many of his dreams in Montana, by following-through on his belief that anything is possible, and, through hard work dreams will be achieved. At the same time, Howard credits the community for much of his success, "The people of Billings welcomed me as one of their own. I feel blessed to call this my home."

When he''''s not working, Howard enjoys hiking, skiing, golfing, fishing, reading, and exploring the Internet. He lives with his wife, Sue, in a home that was once just a dream---overlooking a golf course.

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I specialize in residential and multi-family properties in the Yellowstone County area.