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Harry Blondell
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The  first ADVANCE REALTY was established in 2001 in Timonium, Maryland, by Rob Munson and Mike Nace.  Under Rob and Mike, the business has grown from a single office in Timonium, to a multi-office operation of full service discount real estate offices with headquarters in Baltimore. our team applies their drive and the ADVANCE REALTY teams' knowledge and skills to guide successful real estate brokerage operations.

The cornerstone of the ADVANCE REALTY business philosophy is to bring to establish the relationship with our clients first and introduce them to a well-designed operation, providing professional real estate service at fair commissions driven by the demand of the clients we serve. When ADVANCE REALTYputs its name a real estate transaction, the customer and the rel estate professionals involved are going to experience the very best the real estate industry has to offer, every time.

Our management, staff, and realtors are trained in professional ethics. We treat all clients as friends.  It is our goal to build clients for life and to earn referrals from our network of clients. The real estate industry offers the public thousands of choices. Professional service is the most important part of a real estate operation. Together with bottom of the line pricing and a pleasant staff, it will bring customers back, time and time again, becoming the loyal customers that build great businesses.

We believe strongly in this philosophy and have now added into it a new ingredient, franchising. The day-to-day operations of ADVANCE REALTY must be flawless and consistent. That is the reason for this Manual: to ensure all personnel understand the complete picture, and to coordinate the actions of each member of the ADVANCE team. This is not a ‘get rich quick' scheme. The degree of success depends on the amount of effort and energy put into learning and executing each phase of the business. With teamwork, ADVANCE REALTY continues to succeed, improving the quality of life for our agents and our owners.