Kathi Tarkir (IMPACT Property Enhancements)

Fairfax , VA 22033

Professional Marketing Design Consultant "Creating Staged to Market Properties" Let's get it SOLD quickly for FULL price!

Get to know Kathi Tarkir

I love my job! My passion for creating the impact a property has on a prospective buyer makes each staging project excitingly unique. Since each property has its own personallity my challenge is to expose that personallity and how it relates to a broad group of buyers and set the stage for immediate desire.

Creating a staged to market property is not about appealing interior design but about directing the prospective buyer to appreaciate the unique attributes of the property and immediately create an impact of comfort as they imagine themselves living in the property.

My drive to make each staged to market project better than the last one requires an in depth study of the current real estate market surrouning each property and location. Attracting the largest group of prospective buyers and creating the impact to set the property's appeal above the comps on the market and are the product of my approach and creative plan for each project.


My ability to approach each staged to market project in an individual, non-cookie cutter way, makes for a most successful marketing plan for each project I undertake. Occupied or vacant, large or small, new or old, city or rural, each property has a personallity with pros and cons. Combining all the specifice elements of the property with the current market conditions create the outline for developing a successful staging plan.

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