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I am a full time real estate agent for over 10 years now. I have seen some big changes in the market, and can not but be thrilled about the fact that the line of business I have chosen is never boring, and never will quit keeping me on my toes. I take pride in staying on top of the changes and trends, and take classes on all the new directions that our business is taking. Short sales and bank owned properties are common here in Tacoma and surrounding areas as in any other parts of the country. This requires another type of knowledge so that we can direct the buyers and sellers and prepare them for all the different things that can happen in a transaction of this type. We pretty much function as the clients navigators in these deep and stormy waters. It is necessary to learn where the rocks are lurking under the churning surface. Even on a sunny day an unexperienced navigator can get the boat on a rock, so there is a responsibility involved in any kind of a market.

I guess the "golden years" in real estate, when everything was selling fast and with multiple offers (which was a different challenge) brought in so many new agents who now have acquired full or part time jobs outside of real estate, but how can you stay up to date with what is really going on, and work full time in another job, and your business and clients the same time?  Somehow there is always so much to do.

To find balance from all the joys and stresses of real estate business, I do enjoy a lot of physical activities, and preferably outside activities. Seattle (and Tacoma) is famous for the rain, but it really does not always rain so much, as it just is grey. I find that just getting outside the door helps me forget that I have not seen the sun in a few weeks..(c: Taking the first step (outside) is always the hardest. What helps me a lot is that I have dogs, and have always had dogs, and they don't care about the weather, and they require regular walks and activities. So it drags me out of the occasional gloom if we really have been in the cloud for a while. Skiing here is wonderful, and even if sunny days are great, do you really worry about the weather when you are on the slopes? No. And in case the weather really is so prohibiting, then the Seattle and Tacoma areas offer many nice activities inside. We have great cultural atmosphere, the cities offer music, arts, theatre you-name-it for all tastes. Life in Northwest USA is not bad at all.

So I wish great real estate success for all, agents and professionals as well as buyers and sellers alike. Life is good! Real estate is wonderful!


I have worked extensively with first time buyers in Tacoma, Spanaway, Puyallup areas, as well as in Lacey and Olympia areas. Lot of the buyers in some of those areas are military trasferees. I sell mostly single family homes, but have experience also with condos, and land purchases. I have worked with a builder almost the full lenght of my career, and worked finding him lots to build on, and then sold the new contruction homes.


I am full time real estate agent for over 10 years. I have been through different markets and am enjoying the fact that this business is never boring! Helping people has always been close to my heart