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My name is James Bolster but call me Jimmy. Every coach ive ever played a sport for has either called me Jimmy or Jimbo no matter how old I was. Then When I got Remarried my tow step daughters automatically started referring to me as "Jimmy" and so it has stuck, even in my adulthood. Whats funny is when my kids friends parents call me Jimmy. THats when you know the name has stuck.

I am the proud father of 8 kids. My wife and I have blended our family and we raise all the children, yours mine and ours. We have 7 beautful daughters and one handsome son. Keeps us buisy to say the least. I do everything I can to set the right example for them. That carries over to business as well. I treat my clients as family. I want to be considered part of their personal portfolio, a trusted advisor in their lives. I believe in treating them right from the first time we meet through being there for them years down the road for as much or as little as they need. I want them to always know that I am accessible to them, no matter what.

The vast majority of my business comes from past cleitn referrals, that says it all.


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I am ex-military and love my country. I work hard to be a good citizen and I love serving the public. I have been a top producer for the last 15 years. I specialize in Government Lending. I do it all but really enjoy FHA/VA and USDA Lending. Working with first time buyers is the most rewarding thing that I do. I ALWAYS Deliver and never oversell. the client knows exactly what they getting and I deliver as promised, no surprises!

As for Real Estate Agents, I have switched my focus to education. I am Certified Real Estate Trainer. I also have pioneered a 2 day HANDS ON SOCIAL MEDIA BOOTCAMP. Its a 2 day event in which the Realtors will have actually created their own Social Media Platform in class. When the attendees graduate they will be up and running with all there social media and having fun with it as well as having an understanding of it and how to use it.

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