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“This is the true joy in life, being used for a purpose recognized by yourself as a mighty one.”

-- George Bernard Shaw

I’ve always loved that quote, because it says just what I feel. Although raised in a military family, I took to business early. Fascinated with how much I could accomplish not only for myself but many others as well  I spent all my time on practical ways to turn commercial dreams into profitable reality. While some might see this as extreme or one- sided, I never did! But neither my clients nor I ever regretted my single mindedness, nor my whole-hearted dedication to financial success.

My first serious ventures were in the wholesale jewelry trade. Impressed by my accomplishments, several organizations asked that I create their sales training curricula. From there, my interests and activities rapidly expanded into real estate and construction. The more I learned and did, the more I was able to refine my approach into remarkably profitable enterprise strategies - strategies that others could also follow. Ten years after I received the Spectrum Design Award in 1997, the home-building industry honored me with the McSam Award.

Executive stints at KB Home, Choice Homes, and Parkway Homes proved highly productive. But I felt they were only a prelude to the ultimate step: I wanted to permanently lay aside the corporate security blanket and become a dedicated entrepreneur. Today, I still feel the excitement I felt then at the prospect of finally taking full ownership of my financial life.

Given my track record, I’m confident that my volume will quickly turn stumbling-blocks into profitable venues for readers at every income level.

Living and working in the Dallas metro area brings me daily close contact with people from every walk of life and financial status. I passionately believe I have something of real value to offer so many of them. We all understand that the business of America is business. I have focused the force of my life toward acquiring the knowledge and skills reliably paving the way to commercial success. Such results can happen no matter what the underlying business environment. For me, nothing beats seeing the happiness my clients and students enjoy. Knowing that I have enabled their long-term security and comfort brings me profound satisfaction and makes my life worthwhile. Serving my community this way has been my sole duty and love from childhood on. Could anyone ask for more?



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I started working with James Hurt over 1 yr ago to find a house. He impressed me with an outstanding knowledge of the real estate market and was genuinely interested in my situation, showing me several options I had never even considered. Due to his extensive knowledge, understanding & listening to my needs, he saved me a lot of time in the house hunting process. When it came time for the offer he was extremely skilled in negoiating a great outcome. The last phase was obtaining a mortgage and again his skill, contacts and knowledge paid off in helping me get a loan. The most important consideration for me is intregrity & honesty. This is where James Hurt demonstrated in action who he is. I felt James treated me like he would treat a close family member or friend. I feel that he was really looking out for me during the whole process, it wasn't about the commission, it was about helping me & my family. The real estate profession could use many more agents like James Hurt!!!!

"I do not sell homes, I fulfill Dreams."