Jared Leichliter, Mortgage Loan Originator

1411 Woodcrest Ave

Brea , California 92821

Testimonials for Jared Leichliter

  • Marcellous N.

    Jared was the most positive part of my home purchase he was very responsive to all of my questions and a good friend. He was always there to represent me in the pre-qualify and loan approval process and will always put the best interest of his client first. Jared is a professional in what he does, very detailed, and will always be available with the best advice for all of your questions and concerns. Thank You Jared for all you have done to help me into my beautiful home.

  • Benton & Shelly F.

    Jared did a fantastic Job! He assisted us right from the beginning on how to prepare so that we would be in a position to receive a quality loan. We were only two years out from a short sale and did not think we would be able to qualify. Now we are in the house we’ve always wanted. Settled and ready to begin our lives in our new neighborhood.

  • Susie D. & Mike L.

    Jared is very personable and patient. It was a very stressful process this time around and he kept us up to date of changes or more info needed with a timeline in place.

  • Ronald & Kerri L.

    During our refinancing process there were some bumps in the road due to a previous short sale two years earlier. Jared was knowlegeable and professional in navigating around these problems. We were continually updated on how things were progressing and Jared stayed on top of the escrow until it recorded. We were very pleased with the whole process.

  • Alicia & Brian E.

    Jared was able to get us a great home loan even after a short sale. If we weren’t difficult enough our loan had to close very quickly because the seller was being deployed. Jared took care of everything our family wouldn’t be in our new home without him.

  • Siva & Viswam G.

    Jared is the best person, he did an excellent job for us to buy a home after short sale of our first home. Now we are moving to our new home in California in Santa Clara, all these happened with the help of Jared Leichliter. Me and my husband trusted him. He did his job very well. He is a honest and helpful person defiantly we will recommend him to everybody.

  • Kathy & Tony P.

    Jared was able to do the unimaginable! After our short sale just 2 years ago, we are very grateful for his guidance and ultimate success at securing our new home loan. He was always available, super patient, extremely professional, and exceeded all expectations. After my initial contact with him in 2011, he followed up periodically and kept us on track for making home ownership a reality for us. We are still in shock that it went so well and we are homeowners again – Many thanks Jared, you are the very best!