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Jason Lapene is a seasoned real estate professional, born into an industry legacy spanning two generations. He distinguishes himself in the high-end real estate sector through his uniquely tailored, exceptional services geared towards customer satisfaction. Jason's approach to elite real estate eclipses usual standards, offering an exclusive and unparalleled customer experience. He prides himself on introducing clients to properties that mirror their lifestyle preferences, establishing sustained relationships through remarkable, personalized services. Jason's profound understanding of luxury real estate spheres in New Orleans, Atlanta and South Florida places him as a valuable resource for both buyers and sellers. 


Jason's proficiency extends beyond real estate; he is well-versed in the legal and financial aspects of transacting luxury properties, coupled with an intimate understanding of the lavish lifestyle that comes with it. His experience in dealing with distinguished clientele has equipped him with an exhaustive understanding of luxury real estate market dynamics. This, in turn, is a priceless asset to customers desiring to make knowledgeable investment choices. Jason's meticulous attention to detail is evident in his capacity to spot and appraise potential contract anomalies, meanwhile formulating stipulations to safeguard his client's interests. 


His exceptional comprehension of contractual details and foresight to predict potential complications proffers an unbeatable advantage to his clients. This insight and skill enable him to carefully construct carve-outs, specifically aimed at protecting his clients' interests throughout the real estate deal. Jason's profound knowledge, paired with his relentless diligence, assures that his clients are well shielded from any possible transactional hitches. Jason Lapene is more than just an agent; he embodies the role of a strategic ally, offering a holistic range of services that secure every client's investment. With Jason, clients receive far beyond basic real estate transaction services, they acquire a committed partner who prioritizes their interests.

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Bachelor Degree in Real Estate from the J. Mack Robinson College of Business at Georgia State University 


Master Degree from Kennesaw State University

Vaneta Pfannebecker
Will be listing with Jason when ready to sell. Had a long conversation with him about real estate and this man is amazing with his advice and knowledge. So glad I found him.
Heather Cini
Jason, Is a trustworthy, reliable, down to earth, and easy to work with agent. His expertise in dealing with tenants was so valuable. He went above and beyond for my property management needs. If you want something done professionally and quickly he's the guy.
Sheila Griffin-Felder
I first met Jason in 2009 when he sold my daughter a loft. Five years later he sold her loft and was her agent when she purchased her second property. I was amazed at how smooth both her processes went. So naturally when I needed an agent Jason became my guy. So over the past 5 years Jason has helped me sell 3 of my rental properties. Of the 3 properties 2 were under contract on the same day not giving him the opportunity to even put his sign in the lawn - (how do you say AWESOME!!!) He was also my agent for 2 purchases. By nature I am a control freak but with Jason I have no worries. He is my HANDLER and CLOSER. Basically I just show up to sign. His knowledge of knowing the price to list is "supernatural". Jason was not my first real estate agent, but he is definitely my last. It is a pleasure working with a true professional that has my back.
Larry E.
Jason is by far the best Realtor I have ever worked with. Me and my wife relocated from Tennessee and began looking into buying a new home. After interviewing several agents, Jason became the obvious choice based on his experience and knowledge of the market. Jason did so much more for us than was required or expected. He was truly there for the entire process and remains so. Any problem or issue that has arisen, he has done everything in his power to make right. He has incredible attention to detail and excellent follow-through. I would describe Jason as fiercely loyal to his clients. I give Jason my highest recommendation.
Rick G.
I have a database of over 2,000 realtors. Jason is in the top .01 % of Realtors. I’ve had the opportunity over the last few years to really get to know Jason, the Business man and the real estate professional. There is no other realtor I know that runs his or her business as efficiently as Jason. He has incredible systems in place to grow his pipelines and sustain them. I find it rather incredible. I consider Jason one of the most real estate savvy professionals I have ever met. He always thinks of his clients before his own interests from start to the finish of the transaction. He knows how to foresee potential issues, and for that I consider him an expert.