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Welcome to Jack of Administrative Trades! So who are we and what do we do? One of the fastest growing trends is the role of the Virtual Secretary or Virtual Administrative Assistant. Technology has provided a way to quickly and efficiently work from miles away--sometimes thousands of miles away while maintaining quality communication.  iPones, iPads, laptops and aps will never replace the "mind behind the machines", but it does help to cut unnessecary expenses, remain organized and keep in contact with clients, associates and assistants.Jack of Administrative Trades is a company that specializes in the field of administration. We provide an alternative to the commonly used "temp service" or employment service and offer a variety of contracts for permanent administrative positions. 

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In today's challenging economy, it can be difficult to fill positions with qualified people for a fair salary much less an excellent benefit package.  Consider the cost of hiring in your company. I have listed below many of the expenses you will encounter in filling an administrative position.

Office Space


Employer Taxes


Sick Leave

Maternity Leave







It is easy to see each of these normal expenses can cost you thousands of dollars more per year than the base salary expense alone. 


I provide administrative service that gets the job done for a fair price and less headache! As a business owner, I don't think like an hourly employee. It is my goal to find easier, more efficient ways of doing business while maintaining quality of excellence. Call for your free evaluation today!


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