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Putting The Aroma in the Marketing

Good coffee is an epic commodity, an elemental pleasure, and an exceptionally affordable luxury. Many people enjoy it, but few really understand how to get the very best out of their brewer. Jax Coffee House & Roastery was established in part because it was becoming increasingly difficult to find a great cup of coffee.


Many people ask us what makes our coffees so good, and the first thing we talk about is freshness. These days, most specialty coffees are sold in vacuum packed bags that say Fresh Roasted on the label, but taste old, tired, or downright stale. The best things about coffee flavor are fleeting they do not last more than a few days out of the roaster. True fresh coffee has a delicate subtle complexity that no packaging can preserve for long. Just as bread has an ephemeral dimension of flavor that must be enjoyed fresh from the oven to be fully appreciated, coffee has fantastic flavor qualities that can only be experienced within a few days of roasting. That is why we decided to roast in our shop, and encourage our customers to buy their coffee frequently in small quantities.


Of course, it also helps to have experience in selecting and buying fine Arabica coffees, roasting them with care and attention in the proper type of roasting machine, and tasting the results. It helps to know a little about the botany of coffee and how it is cultivated and processed. It helps to know about the coffee farms and mills, and to be able to talk to the producers in the origin countries. It helps to understand the chemistry of roasting, how grinds are analyzed for particle size distribution and how soluble solids concentrations and acidity are measured in brewed coffee. These things are important, but they still do not guarantee your satisfaction.


What really matters is what is in your cup and how you feel about it. We would like to put our knowledge, experience and resources to work for you, to help you achieve consistent quality and enjoyment from your coffee, and help your family and friends to fully appreciate the profound pleasures a well brewed cup of fresh Arabica coffee can provide.


Like wine, coffee can furnish a kaleidoscope of flavor variations and nuances, some obvious, and others quite subtle. These complexities arise from the different botanical varieties, soil, climate, cultivation techniques, processing methods and a host of related variables. Unlike wine, coffee must be brewed just prior to serving for the best results. Brewing is a complex and dynamic process, and requires knowledge, experience and care, as well as the proper equipment, to do well. We at Jax Coffee House & Roastery would like to work with you the find the type of coffee, brewing technique and serving method that best suits your personal taste and lifestyle.


Our quest is to get back to the basic principles and fundamental values that first sparked the gourmet coffee revolution. Ideas that seem to have been lost in the rapid growth and dramatic expansion of the industry in recent years. We want our coffees to burst forth in the cup with rich varietal character, the essences of the soil and sun, the personalities of the grower and miller, as well as the roaster, blender and brewer. And we want you to find the exquisite combination of complexities that speaks to your palate and best expresses and satisfies your culinary sensibilities. Please join us on this journey.


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