John Crimmings (First Weber Group)

1100 N. Main Street

Racine , WI 53402

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Our office is located in beautiful Downtown Racine. For those of you familiar with the area, we are immediately north of the Main Street Bridge. If not familiar with the area, come visit us soon!

Get to know John Crimmings

I received a BA in Business Administration (Marketing) from Marquette University in 1975.  In 1977 I entered the real estate industry and have been in this field ever since.  I have been a residential salesperson, managed our Property Management department, served as a commercial/industrial sales agent and department manager and, since 1987, I have been involved in the day-to-day operation of a thriving real estate office, becoming President of N. Christensen & Son Real Estate in 2001.  In other words, I have been through most of the real estate business at some point in my career.

N. Christensen & Son Real Estate was a fixture in Racine, WI since 1904.  Over the years we enjoyed a reputation for quality, professional services and for having a staff that truly cared about our community.  In 2006, in an attempt to partner with a quality organization that could bring cutting-edge technology and exceptional training to our extensive real estate experience, N. Christensen & Son merged with First Weber Group to form First Weber Group Southern Wisconsin, LLC.  The results have been tremendous.  We are now poised to be a major presence in Southern Wisconsin and to take advantage of the expected growth between Chicago and Milwaukee in this important economic region.


Having been involved in the real estate industry for over 30 years, I have seen many different markets, some very, very good and others very, very bad.  I have witnessed tremendous change in technology, business models, agent demeanor and agent compensation.  Change should be expected and, in most cases, change is generally good.  The one constant through this all, however, is the fact that we in the real estate industry have the opportunity to fill one of the basic needs of people, that being shelter.  We can have a major impact on people's financial and emotional lives.  This is a responsibility that we cannot take lightly.  I have always tried to take a long-range view of business and in many cases I have given up income today for the prospect of developing a future, loyal client.  As a broker, I have learned that I have another set of clients, our salespeople.  Again, how these agents are treated goes a long way to determine their success overall and their loyalty to our company.

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