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     I am a fun loving person who has passion for helping people in all areas of life.  It is very satisfying to empower people with information about real estate. This gives them the abiltiy to make educated decisions about one of the most important financial transaction they will ever make. I throughly enjoy being part of the whole picture..

    I am full  of spirit, energy, power, and strength which I choose to use in positive ways that impact on myself and all other who interact wiith me. I totally belive in putting my best foot forward in everything I do, making my life happen, it puts me in a much better place to learn and grow from my mistakes. Life is all about the journey isn't it?  so why not live with passion, love, trust,  education, & wisdom.

     Although working with people in all areas is real estate is wonderful, I particularly enjoy and excel in working with people who want to buy and sell their home with a realistic point of view and demonstrate this by their actions. They are willing listen, learn and are ready to take steps to make things happen. From time to time it can be a emotional roller coaster, but knowing they are not alone and have a agent who is commited and caring really diminishes many of the frustrations along the way. One of the keys is knowing they ALWAYS have choice in their decisions no matter what it may be.. This is where I shine as caring person and committed professional. Consistent follow through, understanding  supporting how my client may feel before, during and after the transaction demonstrates me as a valuable professional in this business.  I stay in contact with people and let them know I am there for them should they need guidance along the way.

 I look forward to many more relationships with people and I will continue to move along the path they call " life" with excitement, wonder, fun, humor a variety of things yet to come....








    My focus of real estate is primarily buyers and sellers: who are downsizing from their present homes to first time home buyers. Move up buyes are also a big part of my business, as they are ready to expand their family and are looking for that dream house they can call home.  I provide a large array of services that they can choose from along the way. I maintain a detailed marketing plan that will sell their more quickly and accurately for the highest and best price. My level if integrity goes without saying and this in consistenly demonstrated throughout the entire transaction.  Maintaining a high energy level and excitement about every home really makes this a great experience for all involved.  Having a variety of other professionals at hand will really help a consumer make choices about what best fits their home needs.  Whether it be: a plumber, electrician, apprasier, etc..

 Working with other realtors is essential in this business and it definately makes an impact on the smoothness of the process throughout the transaction for all involved, so I continue have open, honest relationships with realtors, after all, we are all working together, so why not work together in the best way possible for all involved, seems to be a great plan to me.