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Recently I have been noticiing a new trend of potential buyers starting to show up...looking for large tracts of specialty...with a large tract, you can have so many options. Future holdings, tax incentives with ownership if the property can qualify for Conservation Easement...buying a large tract today is usually a different kind of approach from the buyers perspective for possibilities other that just development potential. If you or anyone you know is interested in land or mountain property or cabins, please make sure to mention my name.  I have been with Solid Source Realty since, 2005, an established firm with many potential advantages in listing, buying or selling. Established my Real Estate career in 2002 and have been serving the Tri State area since.  I look forward to the opportunity to serve your needs and establish a lasting relationship that will assist you in any Real Estate endeavors in your future.


During my career in Real estate I have had the pleasure meeting so many interesting people. Some clients want a private piece of land , where they can build a dream Log or Timber Frame home and really experience the Mountain style of living in their retirement years.  Some clients are wanting to downsize  and want the simplicity of having a small cabin with little maintenance issues, the Hybrid home is a perfect choice for them. Some investors in this market are looking to get a great deal on the many opportunities that are out there for large tracts.  Having been exposed to many different aspects of dealing with land, from development to prospecting for buyers and sellers.  I have a local knowledge of available properties, in Georgia, Tennessee or North Carolina. If you are an established buyer with liquid assets at your disposal, not only are you smart and blessed, but in this time period, the opportunities for Real Property ownership are endless.

Unfortunately in the financial arena the we find ourselves in, many people that I have known in the "development/land business" have seen very hard times with this recession.  Real property values dropping and sadly are no longer in the  business or are soon not to be.  Like so many other related business's to real estate in this country, we all hope and pray for a leveling off period to start soon.  With the advent of the HVCC law passed by Congress last year, property owners are now faced with their property values being compared to the onslaught of foreclosures and REO properties as recently sold comparisons for new appraisals.  The resulting values being between 30 - 50% of what the property may have been purchased and appraised for only a few years ago. The banking industry made loans for investors based on appraisals that they approved and then turned around and re-appraised the same properties with in house appraisers for less than the balances of the notes were and have held their banking customers responsible for the differences. Driving most of these properties to foreclosure.  Leaving the Developers, the very people who have been instrumental in creating local jobs, the trickle down effect on many types of business's has been pretty devastating. 

But not all is bleak.  Perhaps the values had gotten out of control, with the increase in values we all experienced thru 2005?  Perhaps this is what I would like to consider just a leveling off period that will hopefully leave the people who manage to survive thru it, with more equalized values. Perhaps then our children will be able to buy land, build a home and establish the American Dream.  In time, and I hesitate to forecast what I think that will be.  People will begin to purchase properties again, with the peace of mind that they will not lose value.  People that have holding power to stay and establish equity thru time.  I anticipate that with hope and faith.  If there's one thing I have learned growing up in America, we are a strong country and we will survive this and many more hard times.  American is like no other country, we will unite, fight the wrong doing that is happening and continue to prosper and grow.   Just like we did in 911.  Its great to be an American.. I am proud to be.


"Your Mountain Property Prospector", I have been working in RE in the GA/TN/NC tri state area, since 2002 . I specialize in finding the perfect land tract for your needs.