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A Realtor is a licensed professional that is a source of Information concerning properties in the Market Place. The Realtor must give you disclosure of all material facts and of course Honest and Fair treatment.

 You can find one Realtor that you like and enjoy working with and that Realtor can make appointments to show you any property in the Market Place! You do not need to call each individual number on the listing. We all work together and share information, co-broke and work together in the Market Place.

 A Realtor can assist you in writing an offer and help educate you about all the contingencies you can write into an offer on a property. When purchasing a home is very important to have a Home Inspection Contingency to make sure there are not any serious structural, mechanical or electrical defects on the property. The inspector will find items and note them in his/her report but as we all know; homes need regular attention and none are perfect!

 A written offer to purchase a property is accompanied by a deposit and is contingent upon Financing, a Home Inspection and any other important health and safety issues. This deposit shows that you are serious and will not change your mind later.  If you are unable to obtain financing or the house did not pass inspection you would get your deposit back.

 The entire process takes about 6-8 weeks from writing an offer to closing.  You can move in right after the closing when you get the key to the home!

 The first step is to be pre-approved by a Mortgage Lender so you are sure to be looking at homes in your price range. Once you have a letter it is time to go shopping! All properties that are listed within the Multiple Listing Service, MLS, the seller has already agreed to pay the commission. 

 Give me a call and we will have a lot of fun!


Should I sell my home myself?  Because selling your home can be a long and complex process it is important to think of about all the potential implications - both positive and negative before choosing to go it alone.

 To help you make the decision that is right for you, below is a list of some of the duties and responsibilities you would face as an independent home seller.

 Pricing Your Home

Assigning an accurate value for your most valuable asset that will be the highest price a ready willing and able buyer will pay. As part of that decision, you need to consider comparable properties in your area, current market conditions as well as the cost of financing and its availability. You don't want your home to linger on the market or sell for a lower price than you might have otherwise received. Remember, "For Sale By Owner" homes typically attract bargain hunters who may expect you to lower the price since they too are looking to save on Realtor commissions.

 Marketing Your Home

          Independent home sellers must also market their properties to the public. That means putting together signage that is consistent with local ordinances. Developing and paying for internet and newspaper advertising. Hold open houses and work to ensure your home is getting enough exposure.

 Showing Your Home

          You will have to be responsible for all showings, getting appointments and screen the buyers to make sure they are not just "lookers" and actually have the financial ability to purchase your home. You will be asked questions during showings and will have to be prepared to answer questions, be ready to negotiate and be able to resolve any doubts and disputes.  Make a final agreement quickly and clearly, regarding all terms and conditions without losing the Buyer's interest.

Drawing Up a Contract

          Without the help of a professional Realtor, you should have a qualified attorney preside over all the agreements, draw up the contract and manage the proceedings and the closing. It should be documented what items, including personal property, are included with the home or excluded from the home. You are obligated to disclose all material facts and be sure that the buyer is aware of these material facts.

 Is a Realtor a Better Choice?

          Selling your home takes a lot of hard work and know-how. Making even a small mistake can spell serious trouble. By working with a Realtor you gain the services of an experienced professional with education and training regarding the responsibilities of sellers and buyers throughout the transaction.


I understand that your home is one of your most valuable assets and I would like the opportunity to help you sell it with that in mind.


Welcome to your one-stop source for real estate services specializing in the Chittenden, Lamiolle, and Franklin Counties. Real estate is one of the most exciting investments a person can make.