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Get to Know Jacki Craig

I grew up in Manhattan Beach, CA enjoying days in the sun, sand and water,  I was planning to pursue a
career in Real Estate when I was offered a job at Delta Air Lines.  I decided to accept and spend a couple of
years traveling.  A couple of years turned into 28 years.  I've seen a good part of the world and lived in
Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA.  

I have seriously considered moving to New Zealand, Australia, and Costa Rica.  However, from my
experiences, there is no finer place on earth than right here and I am happy to call it home.  

While now enjoying this next phase of life, I've invested in area real estate.  When I return to my CA school
reunions, I always hear my classmates talk about how they wish they had invested in beach area real estate.  
I just smile.  The real estate market, like most things, is cylindrical.  No, its not where it was a few years ago,
but monetarily, what is?  How many beaches are there?  How many islands?  How can you go wrong?  No
guarantees, but I still believe in this area and the future.

Who would have dreamed all those management classes at Delta would prove so valuable now?  My last 2
assignments were as Project Manager for Y2K Business Processing Testing and then as liaison between our
frontline employees and our technology partners.  So, needless to say, I have a lot of negotiation
background, understand the importance of being available for the customer, customer service, and the need
for timely, correct answers.

I am living my dream of returning to life at the beach and share it with my four 4-legged children (all rescues).  
Stormy, an afghan (he scares everyone to death at 1st, but is really a big baby), Rose, an afghan (Stormy's
daughter, she keeps the 'boys' in line), Docker, a dachshund (the devil dog, but a lover) and Hawk, a
greyhound (he's our most recent addition to the family, I think he is beginning to think he is an afghan.  He's a pistol.)

I have added to my love of real estate and this area by becoming a licensed FL Realtor.

  Destinctive Realty This area is Paradise!  I would appreciate the chance to help your dreams of "Living in Paradise" come true.

If I can help, please call.

Change.  I believe in change.  It always happens.  If we're lucky or have planned well enough the benefit is evident immediately.  Sometimes it's harder or takes longer to see the benefit, but it's always there.  That's why the 1st page of my website states ' new beginnings......take flight'.

Relocation.  Done it.  Los Angeles CA to Dallas TX (stayed 8.5 yrs, 2 areas(1 yr and 7.5 yrs respectively), Dallas TX to Los Angeles CA (stayed 2 yrs, the old saying, you can't go home, it was true for me...I and it had changed too much), Los Angeles CA to Atlanta GA (stayed 10 yrs, 2 areas, 1yr and 9 yrs respectively), Atlanta GA to Destin FL (stayed 1.5 yrs) Destin FL to Santa Rosa Beach FL....still here.  So, I've done both the long haul and the short haul, they're both adjustments.....nice to have help with the big choices and the basics.....


A home is very personal. It is most often a difficult decision to buy, sell, or rent your house. My goal is to make your experience as easy and stress-free as possible.