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Joseph Najm
Master Home Inspector in Northern Virginia
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Get to Know Joseph Najm

Joseph, owner of VA HOME INSPECT, LLC and Former Disabled Veteran of The Marine Corps.

VA HOME INSPECT Serves VA, MD and DC with Lockbox Access to all areas of Greater Washington VA, DC, MD, W.VA.

My family came to this country 45 years ago and each member has been successful in business. Most work in the hospitality industry while some are educators and doctors. I am very proud of my family for the way they treat each other.!!

I have been living in the DC area my whole life, 31 years. I am familiar with all the types of houses in the VA,DC and MD area. I provide excellent referrals to the agent who recommended me for their home inspection.

24 Hour Service if Needed. Continuing Phone and In-Person Support for my Clients.

I have a telephone hotline open for R.E. professionals that they can use when at a property and need an immediate answer or anytime.

I have a pre-sale inspection service for half the price of a regular inspection. Please visit my website. Please copy and paste into browser

Radon, Mold service available.

Your clients will be happy and so will you because I know people that can fix seemingly big problems easily. We make the home inspection very smooth and we help with the fixing of items.!

Excellent people skills. My home inspections are an educational class as well as an inspection. I show the buyers everything they need to know regarding the proper maintenance of the home, etc... I prepare the buyer to get the most money when the buyer sells.

Be recognized for choosing a great home inspector. Your clients will love me and you even more after I teach them how to keep the home in proper condition for maximum resale value. 

Join my group.!! It's a home inspection Q & A. It's open to everyone and everyone is welcome. Just search for VA HOME INSPECT with the logo, my personal stamp of approval.!

VA Home Inspect, LLC; a Virginia Licensed Home Inspection Company

VA Home Inspect, LLC; a Virginia Licensed Home Inspector in Northern Virginia


I perform general safety inspections in homes (condos, THs, SFHs).  I specialize in teaching buyers and owners how to maintain their homes' good condition for maximum resale value. As well as finding health issues for buyers, I also show them what to do and what not to do. I put everything I said verbally on a hard copy report and on an electronic report. 

I specialize in having items fixed that need fixing. I don't fix any items until 12 months after inspection.

I would like to stress that First Time Home Buyers are my specialty as well becuase I love to answer questions. I pride myself in the fact that I also specialize in calming nerves. Buyers can get overly worried and I dedicate my undivided attention to help them relax and enjoy the real estate process.

I have translator friends that speak all languages.

LockBox Access to VA, MD, DC and W.VA. with 24 Hour Service if needed. 

Buying a home is very stressful and buyers are skeptical of everyone in the business. I put buyers' worries to rest when buyers spend some time with me and they realize I am out for their best interest. The buyers will learn what they have only dreamed. They will know more than their neighbor when I get done with them.

I have been in the business of Home Inspections for almost three years in the Greater Washington area. I taught myself the business by reading and going to different meetings. I take continuing education everyday for at least 30 minutes. I believe that satisfaction is not complete until I close my textbook. I am a former marine and I know what it means to work hard.

I specialize in making all parties come to terms with the findings of the home inspection. Sometimes buyers can "freak out". This is no good. I calm down the tension caused from buying a home.

What good is a house if it's not maintained properly. Think you will have problems selling later. Well, you might. I make sure it doesn't happen if you do what I say.


Serving VA, MD & DC LockBox Access to VA, MD, DC and W. VA Termite Service Coming Late '07 I will show the buyers what to do for maximum resale value.!!