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Get to Know Jonathan Steingraber

Real Estate Entrepreneur Jonathan Steingraber was born on April 28th 1985, in Edison, NJ.  Currently resides in Union, NJ.

Son of Brett Steingraber and Suraia Sadi.  Holding the characteristics of a middle child, Jonathan is very social, independent, and giving.   

Despite a difficult child hood, Jonathan has excelled as a real estate investor, agent, and speaker in just a short 4 years.

Jonathan attended his freshman and sophomore years of high school in public schools in a small country in South America called Uruguay.   Jonathan quotes, "I was lucky enough to have lived in Uruguay; I experienced a different culture and mind set.  Adapting to different people and a new way of life has influenced my morals and how I value my own life, I'm truly grateful for the incredible experiences and friendships that came from my stay there."  Jonathan returns to Uruguay once a year to visit his friends and family.

He graduated from Union High school in 2004 and got a full ride to Montclair State University.  Shortly after, Jonathan decided to jump right into real estate investing and sales.  He was born into the real estate crash, which he has embraced and excelled and is often sought out to speak and train other agents and investors in the REO, short sale, and investing arenas.  He is considered an expert in the distressed market and in marketing.

In April of 2008, he founded The New Jersey Real Estate Social Network  (NJRESN) with his business partner Randy Zimnoch.  They realized the lack of live interaction within the real estate community.  NJRESN was their initiative to expand the real estate industries networking opportunities and a venue for exchanging resources and to learn from one another.  Events are held on a monthly basis, national and local speakers are hired to come out and educate the group on a variety of topics.  Since the inception, NJRESN has had over 3000 attendees and 28 speakers with an expertise varying from Real Estate Investing to Social Media.  It is one of the most successful networking organizations in the Tristate area and keeps growing every month.

Jonathan is a visionary and is always thinking of outside of the box ideas to grow his business and network.  He also has a mission he has taken on to change the Mental Health System and build awareness through his other organization "Strength to Dream". It was founded in the name of his brother Joshua Steingraber shortly after he committed suicide while suffering with paranoid schizophrenia.   Jonathan often speaks at universities, schools, and other venues to spread his brother's story and build awareness while advocating for the mentally ill.  Jonathan quotes, "A story is a great way to get a message across, and I believe that people can relate to my brother."  Projects from this organization have been published in Suburban News and other local newspapers as well as other online publications. 

He is heavily involved on a local level with politics and sits on the board of the Local and County Affairs Committee ran by the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce.  Once a month the board meets in different townships of Union county, Mayors and town officials are present to discuss business opportunities and upcoming projects.   Jonathan directly reports for the township of Mountainside. 

His hobbies include playing basketball and reading; he often plays in recreational basketball leagues, and reads about technology, entrepreneurship, and real estate. 

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