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House flipper and life coach
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Gail is a highly skilled Life Coach and a Master in NLP (Neurolinguistic Practioner), MSW, training at the Albert Ellis Institute for Rational Emotive Therapy, and is certified in Ericksonian Therapy. Additionally she is the author of a Wellness Booklet for Women. 

Her background includes designing and leading 6 different seminars throughout the country over the last 30 years and has produced Stress reduction Cd’s. Her Cd’s have supported many to be able to have greater clarity of mind, inner calm and wellness. Her seminars and CD’S  have assisted many in achieving more vital and productive lives.
NLP is utilized in both her personal development and business seminars. NLP is a proven technology for personal and professional  growth and attaining  goals. It allows us to utilize the language of the mind to consistently achieve the specific outcomes we want to attain.
In her business coaching, and personal development seminars she facilitates how to communicate with excellence, leading to enhanced performance, fulfillment and results.

Gail’s work has touched thousands ,and offers the power of knowing that nothing is out of reach. Create the Success you have always wanted both professionally and personally.

Kathy M.
For me it was a remarkable experience. At times I was overwhelmed with the support, the bonding and the whole process. As you said, magic is worked there and that most of the work, learning and healing takes place in the second day. I have heard many wonderful things about you over the years. I am working on my goals and toward my goal date. It was helpful to put that all in writing. You are a wonderful role model for all women, Gail, and I wish you the very best always. Kathy M.
Hi Gail: Your seminar was truly the most meaningful event I've ever had the pleasure to experience. It was difficult at times to do the things required, but the end result was well worth any effort expended. You have a unique way of approaching some very personal issues, but so very effective. There have been times I've attended events aimed at the same basic issues as your seminar, but none that ever had such an impact on me. It was a more intimate, personal; atmosphere that lifted my spirits more than anything ever has. The usual outcome for me is that I'm pumped up while it's all happening, and then once I'm away from the atmosphere my enthusiasm disappears within a couple of days. Your seminar is the very first such experience that stayed with me, and left me feeling so very grateful and blessed. I still get angry easily, but now the anger is easier to control. I remind myself I no longer need that anger. Sometimes it makes me wonder if it isn't habit because it's been so engrained in my life for so long. Thanks to you, it's something I can look at with a different viewpoint. Your methods and nurturing are truly phenomenal – you have a way of bringing out such honesty. Joe was so right when he said "Gail gets the good, the bad and the ugly". You took some flack from several people, but remained calm and gracious through it all. Joe also said, "There should be more Gail Petrowsky's out there" and he is right about that, too. There would be more mentally healthy people out there. I'm convinced of that. Please keep doing what you do so well. Thanks for doing so much. You're so energetic. Love,
David C.
"Dear Gail: After working with you in our in-service training project it is easy for me to say that our work together was a success. Specifically, I have found that you have the uncanny knack to go where a conventional business mind doesn't go. Hence, you have been the perfect counterbalance to my normal "inside the box" thinking. Thank you for all your help. The benefits of your program has truly touched me personally as well. Since attending one of your weekend programs two years ago, I have made tremendous strides in achieving clear, open and honest communication. These benefits have reaped rewards far beyond the scope of business. It has enhanced my marriage, strengthened my parenting skills and improved the quality of my friendship. Once again, thank you for all your help and I look forward to our working together in the future." David C. Managing Partner
Randall K.
She has done many different seminars over the past few years and I have had the pleasure of attending three of her weekend ones, as well as progressing to being a volunteer assistant as many of these seminars are repeated. As a participant, I have found that if a person is willing to risk opening themselves up, they will reap benefits that know no boundaries. The first seminar that I went to was "Healing the Child Within", and I was skeptical as to the validity of such a thing. I walked into the room knowing that it was going to be a waste of my time and that there was nothing that could be done to relive the pain that I carried from my childhood. Before that seminar my father and I spoke only when we absolutely had to, I could not find it in my heart to let the past go away. When that weekend was over, I found that I had come light-years from where I had started. I understood that my father had only done as he was taught and that if I did not like the way that he was taught, then I only had to make sure that I did not teach my son those same things. For the first time in many years we were able to speak with each other civilly and that has now progressed to the point that I have quit my job to come to work with him in his business so that he may retire in a few years. Since that first seminar, I have also participated in "Men's Wellness" and "Relationships", as well as short evening series that Gail did on stress relief. I also voluntarily assist Gail with every seminar that I can so that I can help others to learn some of the things about themselves that I have learned about myself. I know that these seminars are not the end all of anyone's emotional problems, for a panacea would never last, and that we all must work to keep our lives on track, but with these seminars I have found a way to keep myself on track.
Kent P.
Dear Gail, I want to take a moment to thank you for touching my life along with many other men that attended the Men's Wellness Weekend a couple weeks ago. Being a part of something as powerful as this weekend was something that I could only have dreamed about in the past. The freedom and direction I found by attending our weekend was "just what the doctor ordered." Many times in my life I have been a part of different types of groups that talked about making a difference in someone's life. Our weekend was by far one of the most powerful in my life. The friends that I met there and the growth I feel I was able to have been far beyond what I could ever expect. Feelings have always been something I liked to think I showed but really never could share with a group of complete strangers. This Men's Wellness Weekend was so comfortable and real that I was able to overcome many fears and character flaws that I did not realize were holding me back. Your love and caring in the way you brought the best out of all of us was wonderful. Thank you just seems to be such a small word for what you do. Unfortunately, I do not have any other words so I hope you will accept my humble thanks. I know I have a special place in my heart for you and what you do and know I do not speak for just myself. Every one of the men that I have talked to since the weekend expressed the same feelings. We are looking forward to the next chance to go through another weekend with you. If there is anything that I can do for you please don't hesitate to ask. Thank you Gail for showing me, "ME". Yours truly. Kent P.
Thank you Gail! Until the Women's Wellness Weekend, I had no idea how much I missed out on in life. For years I was incomplete. I always referred to myself as a fighter for my family and friends. And a fighter for what I thought was the correct way to live. But I never really fought for ME or the correct way for me to live. No one could have made me believe that in one weekend I could find the most important part of me that had been missing "MY SPIRIT". I had buried it beneath everyone else's needs for so long I almost forgot where it was. I now have regained that most important part of all of us and I have embraced it like a long los friend and we are having a great time. It was a little damaged but still strong. ALL MY SPIRIT needed was a little attention. B.C.
Cindy H.
Hi Gail, A voice from your past. Just wanted to say HI. I am in Florida for the winter after having retired in September from teaching. I have thought of you many, many times over the years but your name came up the other day and I just wanted to share it with you. I was telling a new, wonderful friend about my time when I was seeing you and I said without hesitation, "Gail Petrowsky saved my life". Now that is an amazing statement and especially after 15 years have gone by. You probably hear it all the time, but I hope you can really understand it. Gail, thanks so much. I am handling a lot of things right now and the key word is handling, all thanks to you and the strength and tools you have given me. When I am back up north this summer, I will sign up for one of your seminars and look forward to seeing you again. Hope you are well. Thanks again,