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The distressed real estate market certainly has change over the last couple of years, hasn't it? There are so many people in need it's hard to fathom. 

We work with homeowners and agents in solving tough real estate challenges. 

Are they ok with being $200,000 upside down and just want a loan mod?  That's ok with us. Are they going down the loan modification route, but need a backup plan? Do they just want to get out? Is there potential for loan fraud in their closing docs or is the property in MERS? Are they looking for an alternative non-bank controlled solution?!



Many in our marketplace have been strung along for months in the loan modification process - only to be rejected and foreclosed upon at the 11th hour, or given a modification that is not acceptable to them.  Homeowners often assume that a short sale or foreclosure is the next inevitable step. 

Not So.

If a homeowner completes a Forensic Loan Audit, and find violations there are several programs that are available to them that may put them back in control, and not cost them an arm and a leg. We don't do the audits, we help with what to do with the audit once it is completed.  Two programs involve:

Administrative remedies Legal remedies

Call us for details on how we can help you or your clients.