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Justine Chatman
Helping make dreams come true
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Get to Know Justine Chatman

After 9 years of working in manufacturing I decided I needed a change and decided Retail Sales was that change. After 14 years I became quite successful as a Retail Sales Manager and Area Sales Trainer and loved what I did, but then I STOPPED!
Everyone I know was excited and nervous with the decision I made. I walked away from a steady paycheck and 60+ hour work weeks to get my Real Estate license and sell houses. Little did everyone know my decision was not made because I was tired of working 60+ hours, because if you know me, I have energy to spare (lol) but my decision to leave Retail was because I was tired of the “wanting”.
The “wanting” you ask?
I always wanted to get involved in the community. Volunteer at a local dog shelter (instead of always rescuing them) Volunteer at a Soup Kitchen during the holidays or help with Habitat for Humanity. I always had this desire to make a difference in someone’s life but never had the extra hours to do it.
After sharing this with the right people, I was offered an opportunity, an opportunity that I call Real Estate, but it is so much more.
I will not only make Dreams come True when I am able to Sell a house that a client really needs to be rid of. I will not only make Dreams come True when I find that perfect home for that client who never thought it was possible. I will also buy homes that were left to be demolished, flip them and then make sure a Veteran who is homeless or almost homeless has a roof over his/her head. That they too can have a piece of the American Dream that can afford a home.
After 23 years of “wanting” I am finally doing!!! The best Dream come True.