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I oversee the strategic marketing plan for our clients' growth through Outreach, Conversion, and Retention to insure Return on Investment. It is my and my company's belief that marketing has a direct correlation to revenue and that belief permeates into everything we do. 

We Specialize in:
1. Growth Hacking- heavy use of analytics, A/B testing to make sure we are reaching the right market for your product or service. We then work with you to insure Product Market Fit 
2. Website Design and SEO- Because after you reach out to people your internet or mobile platform has to be able to CONVERT your window shoppers to customers
3. Thought Leadership - In a world where competition is everywhere and people can go with anyone why choose your company? Because you are the Leader, the Alpha..that's why
4. Personal/Corporate Branding and Social Media- People today are more interested in "Who you are" than "what you make". With so many companies lately being of ill repute, separate yourself and your product by building relationships and letting them know you and your brand are trustworthy whether you are a manufacturer, music artist or service provider!My Linkedin Profile

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Want to make more money? Want to know stand out from your competition? Marketing is the answer. Let me help you take your business to the next level!