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8100 E 22nd North

bldg 800 ste #102

Wichita , KS 67212

Real estate agent extraordinaire!

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I spent twenty years in the new residential construction business, 13 of that in management and loving every minute of it. That experience has taught me  everything there is to know about how homes are built and building them.

Practically my entire adult life has been spent around residential real estate from the bottom up. From digging a hole, building a home there and putting the people in it. I believe that makes me uniquely qualified for finding your perfect home or selling the one you are in and  moving you into the house of your dreams.

My passions are matching the right properties to the right people. Finding that one  perfect home for you and your family.

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Aside from helping people build their new home my favorite niche within the real estate business is moving people from renting into home ownership. Many renters never realize the benefits of owning a home and building equity rather than throwing money away every month. I like showing people how easy it is and getting them there.

When working with new owners who are building my experience in the business is an asset to you. Learning and staying informed along the way when building a house is paramount to you getting a quality project delivered on time. Together we can make sure that happens.