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Get to Know Erin Haywood

Experiencing a world of opportunity... right outside her front door

"Even though I've lived on Maui for virtually my entire life, I still find new places to explore. This island is truly magical and I cherish the opportunity to help others make the most of the opportunities here."

That's why there's nowhere in the world Maui native Erin Haywood would rather call home.

Where there's an adventure, you're sure to find Erin Haywood. This self-declared thrill seeker has backpacked through Asia's most remote territories, mountain climbed to shockingly high elevations and surfed the island's biggest waves. And while some may consider such activities extreme, they're simply par for the course for this dynamic individual. You see, Erin is a firm believer that to live fully, she must seize every opportunity to grow and test her personal limits.

A Bold Move
Erin's bold move from Maui to Mexico is a perfect example of her spirited approach to life. As part of her collegiate studies, she explored immigration patterns in one the country's poverty-stricken regions. Many of the homes had dirt floors, cardboard walls and not much else. "My time in Mexico forever changed my outlook on the world," Erin says. "It broadened my perspective and gave me a greater appreciation for home." Beyond that, the experience gave rise to Erin's passion for travel and learning about people and cultures across the globe.

As Good As It Gets
Having visited numerous locations worldwide, Erin can say with confidence that it doesn't get better than life on Maui-a place where a sea of opportunity is right outside her front door. And you can be sure, Erin makes the most of them, whether she's searching out new surf spots, hiking one of the many trails or simply taking a relaxing stroll along the pristine coastline.

Seize Your Opportunities
Fittingly, helping others make the most of life on the island is at the core of Erin's career. As a dedicated real estate professional, she works hard to ensure buyers and sellers seize their real estate opportunities and maximize their results. Drawing on her lifelong knowledge-she is the third generation of locals-Erin helps her clients do just that. The fact that Erin knows the community and local inventory backwards and forwards is critical because it ensures her clients understand their options and remain informed throughout the process.

Whether you're in the market to purchase or part with a residence, look to a determined real estate professional who will go the extra mile to ensure your success­-a professional who knows and loves the island. Seize Your Opportunities and call Erin Haywood today.

ABout Erin Haywood

-I am third generation local to Maui. My grandfather Guy Haywood came to Maui from Montana as one of the first plantation doctors on island.
-I graduated from Seabury Hall
-I live in Puamana
-I love swimming in the ocean and couldn't imagine living far from the water.  I am a third generation long boarder and surf on a Ole board my uncle won in 1975 in a surf competition.
-I practice Anusara yoga


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New Construction Resales 1031 TFE's Kapalua Real Estate Ka'anapali Real Estate Partnered with Tom and Sean Maui Real Estate Testimonials "Erin went above and beyond for my property.  She got it sold quickly and for the price I wanted.  She supported me through the whole process even making sure my surf boards got back to me in California safe." Kelly Stewart Aloha Erin, Ka'ala, Joel & Twyla,  Boy, that was a gnarly wave, huh?   We want to thank you all for your efforts in helping us acquire Noelani 218.  It was a wave full of surprises and jolts but we came out standing on our boards! Little did we know, but we hopped on the wave, all wet, when we first met Erin at an open house coming in out of the storm of Dec. '07.  We focused Noelani in our sights but there was this huge rock in the water that didn't budge, the Sellers.  We hung loose and worked our way around that obstacle.  Then the interest rates made things choppy where we had to hang on tight, shaking up Ka'ala.  The Trust tried to push us over, and by this time things were getting so exciting, two babies busted out to join us!  We were almost to shore when the wire transfer came from behind to smack us senseless.  Finally, the wave washed up onto Maui and dissipated into the sand.  We stood there looking at each other, "Did we really close?"   Yup.      Noelani may be a small one, but she proved she can give us a ride like the big ones! Here's to hanging loose,Mindy Ong & Wayne Hartstein

Sieze your Oppurtunities in West Maui Real Estate. Kaanapali, Kapalua, and Lahaina are some of the most atrractive Real Estate markets in Maui, and the world. Sieze Them!