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Get to Know Katie Somple

My niche in the Napa Valley real estate market has been built on the foundation of two wisdoms: Treat others as you would like to be treated; and, Knowledge is power. These wisdoms have guided my professional path for 30 plus years.

So how does this insight to my beliefs translate into what will I do for YOU as your chosen Realtor?

You will have the level of confidence and comfort that comes from knowing you have one of the most experienced, truthful and knowledgeable real estate agents available as your advocate. You'll be empowered with information and confidence because you will be as informed as any real estate buyer or seller can possibly be, which will enable you to make the best real estate chocies and decisions for you and your family without second guessing or worrying that you could or should have done something different. You will enjoy the journey and the results of buying and/or selling real estate because you have a positive, spirited partner at your side who will do the heavy lifting, with humor and as a consumate professional.

13 years experience selling quintessential Napa Valley real estate- no one knows the big- picture real estate market, and the local details like I do. I invite you to read some of my published articles, newsletters, and blogs. Listen to my radio interviews as a local real estate expert. All are available on my website at www.lifestyleproperties.com.



I founded the Napa Valley's only dual-niche brokerage in 2003: LifeStyle Properties and WineryX Real Estate. The winery specialty came first. Every agent has a choice about what to specialize in. I live in the Napa Valley, surrounded by wineries and vineyards, and yet, in 1999 when i began my career here there was a single handful of brokers who were truly educated and trained to broker winery and vineyard deals. My choice to specialize in wineries and vineyards was an experience in delayed gratification. It took several years to earn the respect I have today from my winery and vineyard specialist real estate colleagues. 

LifeStyle Properties developed organically from the realization that there were many buyers who start out thinking they want to own a vineyard and/or winery, but once educated on the economic risks and very hard work, what they really want is to enjoy the liesure side of the wine country lifestyle. I began helping crossover clients who started out looking at wineries and vineyards find a dream home with a small vineyard, or vineyard views.

When I moved to St Helena in 1995, like many others, I came to live in the vineyards, which is why I've created a second specialty of lifestyle properties, maintaining a constant portfolio on properties that have a vineyard, are next to a vineyard, or have vineyard views. Sure we sell houses in neighborhoods too, but it made sense to specialize in the niche most people move here for. My personal geographic focus for residential properties includes the upper valley communities of St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Calistoga, Angwin and Deer Park.

As far as wineries are concerned I concentrate on Napa or Sonoma. I have represented buyers and sellers on wineries/vineyards in just about every wine region of the state including the Sierra Foothills, Central Coast (Paso Robles and Santa Barbara area), the Central Valley/Lodi area, Mendocino and southern California. I also offer referral information on wineries that are for sale all over the U.S. and the world, including places like Uruguay, Chile, Europe, Croatia, Argentina and New Zealand. It never ceases to amaze me just how far reaching a specialty can get when you do it well and have a good reputation.



Napa Valley's Go-To Realtor- Referred Again and Again by Locals. 13 year's of performance, accountability and experience selling quintessential wine country living real estate.