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Libertas Holdings Inc. was established in 2002 to take advantage of real estate investing and the LONG TERM wealth creation it promises to provide.  Since then it has expanded into other areas of real estate as the opportunities have presented themselves.  We focus on single family dwellings in good neighbourhoods. 

2 partners, a construction worker and a financial guy

As of October 2007 we have managed to purchase 65 properties buy and hold for future wealth, many of them 'no to little money down' in just 5yrs and are fully self employed in an industry full of part-time investors.  We are not realtors.  We have formed other strategic partnerships and are diversifying into land and apartment building deals. 

We are Property Managers and manage property mostly for out of province and out of country investors.  We continue to expand our interests in all things Real Estate.  We are building toward having property management offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Red Deer to better serve the investors in our great province.


We are a diversified real estate investment firm.  Real estate investing, property management, software, coaching and real estate focused financial planning are what we do.  Using our knowledge of RSP investing and real estate investing in the Alberta marketplace to aid people in creating real estate businesses for themselves. Partnering with us is also an option for those individuals too busy to do it themselves and want the benefits of the LONG TERM wealth creation real estate provides.

RSP investing is only available to canadian tax payers and is a superior way to earn above average returns in the Canadian real estate marketplace, if you are in the USA Roth IRA's function similarly(talk to a local expert) We have 25 years of experience in the RSP industry and our knowledge of real estate RSP investing is unsurpassed Aiding others in setting up their own successful real estate businesses and Joint Ventures Financial Independance in 5yrs is possible for the right kind of action takers

We are constantly striving to expand our service value through innovation.

We now have a new website for rental property:    Which is not fully developed but operational.

Our unique buying proposition:


  We have a special offer for Canadian home sellers.

We'll buy your home!

 Sit down with us and explore the options.


When selling a home common problems arise:

Selling your home can be a stressful time as you try to line up the possession date of your new home with the sale of your current home. Getting the price you want can be frustrating and even insulting. Learning about real estate contracts takes time. Finding a buyer has its challenges. Carrying two mortgages because you're already in your new home and the old one has yet to sell has its financial stresses. A slow market could mean your house is for sale for an extended amount of time.


How Libertas Holdings Inc. can fit your needs:

We are flexible to your needs.  Closing dates in most cases can be whenever you want.  You can plan your next home purchase without the pressure of having to move out on someone else's terms and time tables. As long as your asking price is reasonable we will be reasonable. Your house can sell fast, often within days. We can show you how you can make more money on the sale of your house with our real estate specific financial knowledge. With strategic thinking and a willingness to do something different, you as a seller can avoid costly situations. We can show you how the capital gains exemption is not the only tax break available when selling your home. 


Use your RRSPs to sell your home!

In recent years, Revenue Canada has encouraged Canadians to diversify their RRSP holdings to include real estate mortgages, recognizing that the financial markets were no longer the safe, secure, and strong investments that they were in the 1990s.  If you hold any mutual funds or stocks, this is not news to you.

If you are like most people, you need to take the equity out of your current home to put down on your next home.  What if there was a way that you could get out all of your equity to put down on your next home, yet still retain a substantial investment that yields a secure 12% per annum?  We have a wealth of knowledge in real estate that can help you structure the sale of your home to meet your needs.

In the spring of 2004, a young family moved from Edmonton to Sherwood Park.  With the help of Libertas Holdings Inc., they converted their $20,000 of equity into an RRSP contribution earning 12% per annum, and used their $8,000 tax refund from that investment towards the down payment on their new home.  They were thrilled to sell their home without realtor commissions and contribute to their RRSPs at the same time.

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We are a real estate wealth creation real estate wealth management focused investment firm. Educating our clients into superior RRSP investments through their self directed programs and joint venture