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COMING AUGUST 30th--We plan to cut your business expenses by up to 60%.

Get to know KeepSum Cut your business expenses

The old saying goes; "you need to spend money to make money". Unfortunately, in this day and age, spending money is a necessity that nobody wants!

As a small business owner, there are only two ways to increase your profits:

1-Increase your sales and/or

2-Reduce your expenses.

At KeepSum we can't guarantee that we'll increase your sales, but we certainly guarantee that we can reduce many of your expenses on the products and services you're already using (or should be using) to run your small business.

Our goal is very simple:  Help you cut your business expenses by up to 60%!

KeepSum grew out of a little simple question: If we worked together, could we get the products and services we need to run our business at a lower price? The answer is YES!

KeepSum is a group-buying service for business owners in the real estate industry. We offer fantastic deals on the tools and services you already use (or should use) to run your small business. Except we do it at a much lower group rate. Deals range on everything from:

Accounting tools Training and Education Printing services Social media tools Tech Tools Website development

There's no cost to be a member.  You simply join the list.  When the deals become available, you'll be notified via email and you'll have the opportunity to purchase the current deal for 25%-60% OFF retail price.


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How the offers work:  

Step 1: You purchase the deal.

via Step 2: You receive a voucher email confirming your purchase.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the email to redeem your voucher.




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