Ken Gain, MAI, SRS, CCIM, CRE, Host of (Cash Now Financial Corporation)

5313 Arctic Blvd.

Suite 206

Anchorage , AK 99518

We pay CA$H NOW for Seller Financed Real Estate Notes and provide Creative Commercial Financing. Visit us at

Get to know Ken Gain

CA$H NOW Financial Corporation is an Alaska based company that pays CA$H NOW for Seller Financed Real Estate Notes and provides Creative Commercial Financing. We invite you to visit us at our  website and see examples of how we can help you close more sales.  You may have Sellers who say they won't accept Seller Financing, but we have a solution to that issue that we call CA$H NOW SELLER FINANCING.  On our website we have an online webinar that explains the process.

If you have an interest in Creative Real Estate you may want to check out our new, still developing website about Creative Real Estate and participate in the discussions and contribute information useful to other real estate professionals.

I am Ken Gain, the President of CA$H NOW, and I have been active in the Alaska real estate profession since 1962.  I hold professional designations in appraising (MAI), syndication (SRS), commercial-investment real estate (CCIM) and real estate counseling (CRE).  I enjoy the opportunity to work with real estate licensees in trying to structure creative transactions that will close.  So, if I can help you close a transaction, please call me, or visit me at

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