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Hello Everyone,

I was born and raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As as young adult I worked in the service industry as a Bartender and Corporate Trainer for a local New Mexican restaurant. This is where I Iearned that I love to meet and talk with people. I liked listening to their stories and sharing a few of my own. In 2001 I moved to Las Vegas, Nevada with that same company for work. I began working in the Casinos as a bartender, and did so for 11years. Always working on my abilites to be a team player, listen, learn and to treat people with kindness and respect even if the same attributes are not afforded to you. Eventually, I moved on to positions in the Race and Sportsbook where I became a dual rate supervisor and then on to dealing table games. As a Table Games Dealer I learned how to better handle stressfull situations. Nobody likes to lose and eventually if you spend enough time in a Casino the odds are stacked against you. Handeling intense and sometimes uncomfortable situaitons became routine. Showing people that they can have a good time even when they are losing is a whole lot harder than you think. The longer I spent living away from home the more I missed the beauty and culture of my native New Mexico. With absence my love grew stronger.

In 2020-2021 I moved back home to help out my family. I was a caregiver for my Grandmother and helping my parents with day to day duties. 

Which brings me to the present. I am entering my real estate career surrounded by family and support. My wife, a Transaction Coordinator and my older brother, my mentor and senior Realtor. I know that I am home where i belong. My love for my city of Santa Fe and my native state, New Mexico, is stronger now than ever before. A love that grows with every passing day. Please, let me help you grow your love for New Mexico too when we find a home that is perfect for you.


Have you fallen in love with New Mexico? Being born and raised in the state my love for New Mexico runs deep. Let me help you find the home or property you are looking for to help you grow your love!