Kevin Mullins (The Vincent K. Blair Agency)

We are brokers, specializing in Individual and Family Health Insurance. We work with our clients personally to help them find the right Health Insurance plan for them. Call us or visit or website.

Get to know Kevin Mullins

My name is Kevin Mullins, Senior Agent with The Vincent K. Blair Agency.  We specialize in individual and family health insurance. 

The Vincent K. Blair Agency has specialized in individual and family health insurance for over 20 years.  We serve residents of both Missouri and Illinois, and we are dedicated to providing the best options for your health insurance needs.

Please call or email us with any questions you have.  Health insruance can be very confusing.  Many plans from several different companies look alike, but there can be major differences that could cost you a lot of money when you have a claim.  We know what these differences are, and will help guide you to a quality, dependable health plan. 


We specialize in Health Insurance for Individuals and Families.  The people we help include:

-The Self Employed

-Small Business Owners

-Early Retirees

-People on Cobra

-People with expensive group premiums

-Dependents coming off of their parents plan

-And anyone else that must pay for their own health insurance

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