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Kris Salmons
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Get to Know Kris Salmons

As the owner of Paramount Realty & Funding I am in a unique position.  Unique because unlike most real estate agents or loan officers, who focus on one side of the industry or the other, I specialize in both.  I started in the business as a loan officer, but quickly realized that I wanted to offer my clients more.  Through my experiences, both personal and professional, I learned how valuable it is to offer clients a complete working knowledge of real estate.  Almost all real estate agents refer their clients to a loan officer to handle the financing aspect of a transaction.  Vice versa, loan officers turn to real estate agents for help in buying or selling a home for their clients. 

Because of that I decided to learn as much as I could about all aspects of real estate.  I attained my California Real Estate Broker's license so that my knowledge was based both in the classroom and the "real world" (I also joined and continue to be a member of the California Association of Realtors and the National Association of Realtors).  With this insight and experience have been able to provide my clients with comprehensive services when I help them market, sell, buy, and finance their home.  There is no passing off the customer from agent to loan officer for financing advice, I can supply everything they'll need to know from the beginning to the end of a transaction.  This all-inclusive service means there will be know grey areas, no need for multiple phone calls or finger pointing.  The buck stops with me.

The added bonus of this comprehensive service is affordability.  In a typical real estate transaction the real estate agent makes his or her money from the person selling the subject property, whether that agent is representing the buyer or seller.  The loan officer involved in the transaction earns their money by charging the home buyer, sometimes as much at 3% of the sales price.  How do I make this process more affordable?  By combining the agent and the loan officer into one person, ME, therefore drastically reducing the expenses incurred by the home buyer and seller.  Homeowners who hire me to market and sell their homes, then use me as their agent for their next home purchase, have saved THOUSANDS of dollars in the process.  This isn't because I provide less services, or spend less time on the transaction.  On the contrary, by acting as the only service provider and resource my clients need, I provide them with more services, information, and understanding than the average loan officer or real estate agent.  The comprehensive service, and affordable solutions are simply the biproduct of my unique position here at Paramount Realty & Funding!


As I pointed out earlier, my focus is on providing my clients with everything they'll need to know about the process of marketing, selling, buying, and financing a home.  Let me tell you a little bit about what we offer as a company.Paramount Funding is a wholesale mortgage broker, which means clients are offered loan programs and interest rates that they can't find when they walk into a branch of their local bank.  By connecting consumers with the lending institutions we save the banks time and money - a savings that is passed on to our clients!  In addition, Paramount Funding is a member of the California Association of Mortgage Brokers, an organiztion that holds it's members to the highest of standards.  Paramount Realty is a member of the Inland Valley Association of Realtors.  This membership allows those real estate agents who hold the title of Realtor, access to all the pertinent market and industry information available.  This includes the MLS, and several other online resources that enhance the services provided to our customers.Paramount Realty & Funding work with only the cream of the crop when it comes to title and escrow companies, real estate appraisers, home and termite inspectors, and any other services provider necessary to complete a successful real estate transaction.  The officers and employees of these companies have proven to be willing and able to help answer all questions and address every situation that may arise.  All successful real estate and mortgage companies must have a strong supporting cast and we feel we have the best!Along with a high level of service we also provide our clients with a consistent flow of resources and information that everyone should have.  Through the website our clients can sign up for monthly emails via Focus Publications..  These emails provide insightful articles regarding the real estate market and industry as a whole on a monthly basis.  Also at our clients can access the Focus Publications links to gain information on issues ranging from consumer credit to interest only loans.  Check it out, you'll like what you see!