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Born in a small town in East Texas known as Neches I knew that I need to explore the world. I entered the United States Marine Corp at the age or 17 and got to see a little of what the world had in store while learning to become a man. After the stint in Marine Corp I hit the ground running with college and bartending to get myself through and found that I really enjoyed bartending its very interactive with people and I enjoy talking to people and getting to know them and what they do and their take on life itself. The constant interaction with people and helping them rather it be a decision in life or just to put a smile on peoples face. At that moment I had made the decision to become a realtor.  Then I was given a life long dream that I had for such a long time of being on reality tv in which case I put real estate school on the back burner pack my bags and left the life I knew and the goals I had set in place to explore the world of reality. After the collapse of VH1 I then returned and reevaluated my life as a whole and begin setting my goals and having a career that meant finishing my goals that I had set in prior years and become a realtor.

I have learn to overcome and adapt to any situation. In which case I look forward to exceeding your expectations wether it be in listing and selling your existing home or finding the house of your dreams
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