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Over 45,000 commercial and multifamily transactions in excess of $59 Billion have been closed using RoboDocs.  Find out what our current clients already know. 



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RoboDocs offers commercial real estate and apartment lenders a better option for obtaining loan closing documents.  RoboDocs bridges the gap between slow, expensive attorney-prepared documents and the simplistic documents generated by inflexible, difficult-to-use “forms” software.  RoboDocs provides a highly sophisticated, web-based, turnkey custom document preparation system with absolutely no development, maintenance, or training costs.


We prepare documents much faster than law firms which typically take up to a week to turn around loan documents.  Because of our advanced automation, our quality control is better than what law firms can provide.  Our documents are tremendously more sophisticated and customized than any of the documents generated by “forms” software programs.  We are also able to respond very quickly to the needs of our clients when they initiate new lending programs that have new documentation needs.


RoboDocs “Standard” and “ExpressDocs” offerings are based at their core on Freddie Mac large-loan multifamily document forms.  The Freddie Mac forms provide an extremely robust, comprehensive, and sophisticated platform that is equivalent to the best attorney-prepared documents and is immediately accepted by the most particular lenders and investors.  RoboDocs customizes the Freddie Mac core documents as required for the particular property type, to meet the unique requirements of each RoboDocs client, and to meet the requirements of each client’s investors. 


RoboDocs documents are easily adaptable to “table funding” arrangements which allow correspondent lenders to close loans in their own name with standard, lender-approved documents, and concurrently transfer the documents to the funding lender at the time of closing.


In addition to the RoboDocs “Standard” and “ExpressDocs” offerings, RoboDocs also prepares loan documents for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac multifamily loans.  RoboDocs is the only document preparation service licensed by Fannie Mae to prepare loan documents for its multifamily loan products.  RoboDocs prepares loan documents for Fannie Mae DUS and 3Max Express loans with incredible speed and efficiency.


Unlike “forms” software programs, each RoboDocs loan document package is assembled by a proprietary “artificial intelligence” software system that emulates the decision making process that an experienced real estate finance attorney would follow.  RoboDocs is not a simple “fill in the blanks” system – we are a complete loan closing document solution.  For example, RoboDocs does not have a single form of note or mortgage – each document package is a custom creation based on the unique aspects of the particular loan transaction. 


As a result, our documents are of a quality and customization level that is equal to or better than the documents produced by major real estate finance law firms. 


We have legally compliant loan documents for all fifty states plus the District of Columbia.  There is no need to have our documents “pre reviewed” by local counsel when starting to do business in a new state.  This feature alone saves our regional and nationwide lending clients many thousands of dollars.


Each RoboDocs client has a unique login that allows the client to access their own secure private client area on our website.  Once a loan is approved, our lender clients order loan documents by filling in the loan data and then submitting a loan document order to RoboDocs from their private client area. 


Each RoboDocs client website is customized to meet the specific requirements of the client.  Unlike the confusing, arcane interface of “forms” software programs, the RoboDocs web interface is intuitive and incredibly easy to use.  RoboDocs client websites expose only those data fields that are absolutely necessary for the client’s loan programs.


Ordering loan documents from RoboDocs requires little virtually no training.  Loan closers can be issued a user ID and password and be up and running and ready to order their first loan document package within a few minutes.  No seminars, user groups, or specially-trained closing staff are needed with RoboDocs.


To make things even easier, RoboDocs has developed web services that allow clients to export loan data from their internal LOS systems – eliminating unnecessary redundant data entry.


RoboDocs document specialists create loan documents by merging the data entered by our clients into Microsoft Word documents using proprietary automated templates developed by RoboDocs and refined for over a decade.  After being carefully reviewed by a senior document specialist or an attorney, the loan documents are transmitted to the client via secure electronic delivery.  Standard priority loan document orders are completed the next business day.  Clients may also elect “Super-Rush” priority for an additional surcharge.  Super-Rush document orders can be completed and transmitted to the client in as little as four hours!


When our clients need legal help, RoboDocs has first-rate real estate finance attorneys with nationwide practices who are allied with us and who stand ready to quickly provide legal services and advice on an “as needed” basis to RoboDocs clients.


More than ten years after its founding, RoboDocs remains the only document preparation service dedicated to the preparation of loan documents for commercial real estate and apartment loans. 


Truly, RoboDocs offers commercial real estate and apartment lenders a “better, faster, cheaper” alternative unlike any other loan document solution.  Because of this, RoboDocs has grown steadily since its inception.  The RoboDocs client list includes lenders who have tried each of the other inferior solutions discussed above, and have found RoboDocs to be a vastly superior alternative. 


The superiority of the RoboDocs service – the personal touch and care that are given to each transaction - is well appreciated by our clients and has resulted in steady growth of the company that, up until recently, has occurred almost exclusively by word-of-mouth referrals from existing clients and from RoboDocs users who migrate to other lending institutions.


Simply put, RoboDocs is the best solution for your commercial and multi-family closing document needs.

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