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Who opens Credit Repair companies?  Some large law firms have tried to "dabble" in the business.  Some ex-lenders have set up large mass production shops.  Some former collectors have gone in to the business.

There is no class you can take in "graduate level bureau interpretation" cannot study up on Fair Isaac's "black box" and how the score ranges are broken down.

I coordinated the installation of one of Fair Isaacs first scoring systems in the country in 1982...that was 6 years before they introduced the credit bureau scores.

I have been a lender and a collector.  I have worked for two Equifax affiliates and for Trans Union.  I have taught and certified thousands of lenders for 19 years on the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  I have taught consumer classes in credit bureau interpretation and I present a "graduate course" in credit scoring discussing the 10 different score cards with their ranges and meanings.

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Our goal is not to secure a score improvement customer for 24 months....our goal is to get YOUR client to a score level where he/she may be approved for a mortgage in the shortest time possible.  Our program is geared for 30 to 90 day score improvement along with consultation on paying habits and credit maintenance for keeping those score levels.

We don't pull credit files.  Actually, it is against federal law for a credit remediation company to pull a file.  Realtors or Brokers forward copies of their customer's files (after obtaining permission).  We provide a summary to the realtor and/or the customer of what is causing the score problems as well as a plan for improvement. 

Most score improvement (90 percent conservatively) can be done in 90 days.  Why should your customer pay $1300 and then $30 a month for 12 months for credit remediation?  Once the initial score improvement is complete, bureau scores will continue to rise on their own.

We charge $300 for an individual and $500 joint.


Rapid score improvement for the Real Estate and Mortgage industry. We have the credit bureau and lending background to be able to provide the fastest path to home approval