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Home Staging & Redesigning is about enhancing your quality of life and FMG is proud to say that we have mastered that art! We know that the key to a beautiful room is the furniture placement; it doesn't matter what you have, it's where you put it.  We know how to design rooms to give your home the WOW factor!  Whether you're selling your home, sprucing up a room or if you just said "I Do" but don't know how to 'marry' your design styles FMG will create a cohesive and anesthetically pleasing space that will accommodate the needs of all parties involved.  Our cost effective methods along with our proven design techniques are sure to make the difference and bring the offers in!

Real Estate / Modeled Home /Vacant and Live-In Staging~ FMG will make a detailed assessment of the best way to design and package your home for optimum appeal. We will make suggestions on cleaning, maintenance, reducing clutter, and neutralizing and styling to create a modeled-home quality for your home.

Redesign ~ FMG will evaluate your home's design, color scheme, arrangements and accessories.  We will remove and/or add items to enhance the home's overall appeal. 

MERGE ~ This service is for people that are combining multiple households - if you just said "I Do" but don't know how to 'marry' your design styles or if, FMG will design and define to your needs.

DYI Consultation ~ Our consulting services are available to those seeking expert advice on any of the services that FMG provides. Used alone or partnered with our services, is a win-win situation that gives you the marketing edge over your competitors.

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