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Leah Kaiz
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Blue Gypsy provides boutique style lead management services for builders and coaching for real estate agents. With over 80% of home buyers beginning their home search online, it is essential to have fast informative information for a buyer before they move on to your competition. In the current real estate climate the home buying process has extended dramatically and with that so too should follow up programs.

I can help builders and real estate professionals evaluate their current lead capture system, look more in depth at how they manage their leads, and help assist with drip campaigns and the nuts and bolts of lead management.  With so many diverse ways to touch your client base electronically through the Internet, build trust, build community and create relationships with potential buyers, Blue Gypsy can help you wade through the stream and find what works best for your company.


My name is Leah Kaiz and I am the Lead Gypsy (CEO) of Blue Gypsy, Inc. After years of traveling around the world, first with a backpack as a vagabond, then with dive-bag full of gear as a dive instructor, and finally with a sea-bag as a sailboat captain, mate or deckhand on sailboats I settled into real estate. My diverse world view and adventurous spirit as well as my ability to connect with people have made me very successful as an Online Sales Consultant (OSC) assisting builders with sales.

Nationally builders who have OSCs can expert them to account for between 20-25% of gross sales annually.  Continually blowing national numbers out of the water and accounting for 29-32% of sales for a large local builder over the past 3 years, I decided to form Blue Gypsy, Inc. I wanted to be able to bring the power of an OSC to builders who are not interested in adding to their employees but do want someone to consult on improving lead capture, lead management, drip campaigns and train their site agents on follow up as well. 

I know that just as builders have a need for improving lead follow up, so too do Real Estate Professionals, that's why I offer coaching on lead management, lead capture, social media plans and implementation.






Blue Gypsy Inc is a boutique style lead management service for builders. Blue Gypsy, Inc is ideal for the company that does not have an Online Sales Consultant employed full time.