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As a real estate consultant, I spend time getting to know your needs before I ever discuss how many bedrooms and bathrooms are required.  The first thing I tell you is "there are thousands of agents who can sell you a house, but only one that can help you find your home".  You see, if I don't find out what's really important to you, I will NEVER be able to find your home.  After we have spent some time talking and I get to know you and get to know what is most important to you (not necessarily related to real estate), then we can get down to finding your new home.  The best way to illustrate this is with a short story. 

I had a couple come in the office and they were looking for a two story colonial, 4 bedrooms, 2.5 bath.  Seemed like a simple request.  In talking to the couple, I found that the wife's to priority was to have a fenced yard for her children.  The husband was a car buff so, the garage was very important to him.  I showed them two story colonials in the areas they were interested in and nothing really seemed to leap out at them. I asked "do you mind if I show you something that I think may suit your needs".  They agreed and we went to look at a ranch home with a detached three car heated garage with an attached workshop and a fenced yard, sitting on a large lot.  As soon as we walked in both the husband and the wife fell in love with the property.  I made their dreams come true. 

 As a real estate consultant, I don't help clients buy and sell houses; I make their dreams come true.



BS in Mechanical Engineering - Rutgers University

MBA - Florida Tech

Military Service

US Navy Reserve - 10 yrs (Mustang. SK2 - LT, Supply Corps)


I first became interested in real estate when I purchased my first home 15 years ago.  I enjoyed viewing all of the homes that were available for sale.  I must have looked at 100 homes and burned through 3-4 agents.  What I found was that the agents could not keep up with my requests.  What I have since learned is that the agents I was using at the time were not consultants.  They were showing me homes that did not meet my needs.  In essence, we wasted a lot of time.  However, it was fun for me. 

I figured that I could do the job better than those original agents that I contacted.  I have learned to ask the right questions up front to my potential clients. I have learned that its not about trying to push my clients to buy or sell a property....it's about helping them find a win-win situation.  When we pull up to the house that my client will eventually buy, they know...THIS IS THE ONE!.    All I have to do at that point is stand back and let the magic work. 

This is why I do what I do....I want to help you and I enjoy it and I get paid for doing something I REALLY enjoy.


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Burlington Township New Jersey

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Any real estate agent can help you buy or sell a house. I am a Realtor & Real Estate Consultant. I help make your dreams come true. My clients gladly refer me to their family, friends.