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Founder and editor of objective and unbiased information and advisory service for those contemplating a move to a golf community or home near a private golf course. I visit and review communities.

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After 35 years at the highest level of corporate communications with a Fortune 50 company, I decided to combine two passions, writing and golf, into a service to help baby boomer golfers and others find their dream home on the course.  When I was searching for a golf property of my own, I realized there was a short supply of objective, unbiased information in the real estate offices of the many golf communities my wife and I visited.  Everyone wanted to sell you something, and every place sounded like paradise.  Scratch the surface, however, and there were key differences in the real estate, the golf memberships, the cultures of the communities and the characteristics of the local town or city.  Over the five years of my business, I have visited more than 100 golf communities and private clubs and interviewed developers, real estate agents, residents, chamber of commerce officials, golf pros and anyone who could give me the "inside scoop" that I can pass along to my readers.  After publishing 11 issues of the HomeOnTheCourse newsletter, which focused on different areas of the southeast and reviewed the highest level communities in those areas, I decided to focus full time on my web site, GolfCommunityReviews, where I publish daily a review or observation on golf related real estate, golf courses, golf travel or whatever happens to suit my fancy or prove most relevant for my audience on that day.  In 2 1/2 years, I have been able to go from zero visitors and zero hits on the web site to a level of nearly 6,000 visits per month and almost 500,000 page views annually.  My observations are fresh and sometimes a little edgy (especially when I write about airline travel or developers who do not live up to their promises).  If any of my readers want my advice on where they should look for a vacation, retirement or primary home on the course, I take them through a series of questions to determine their primary criteria. Then, I identify the most appropriate communities for my readers to visit.  There is no fee or obligation whatsoever for my service.  In the last year, I have helped my readers find properties in coastal North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, and just outside of Savannah, GA.  I am currently advising a half dozen customers searching for a high-end home in the southern U.S.  Although I do accept random Google ads at my web site, I do not promote or market golf communities, and when I visit them for the purpose of review, I pay for my green fees and lodging fees.  I am confident that I am the only objective, unbiased reviewer of golf communities.

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Writing and interviewing skills that are the result of more than 35 years of corporate journalism experience; hands-on knowledge of scores of golf communities in the southern U.S. and a working knowledge of many others (from research and p hone interviews); global knowledge and understanding of different cultures from 20 years of international travel; an understanding of the idiosyncrasies of golf club membership from personal experience (membership at two clubs) and visits to many others; an ability to ask the right questions of people I interview and people I advise (I do not suffer fools lightly); and an honesty and integrity that helps me best serve my clients' needs.  I have no interest in what area or community my clients purchase a home, just that it be the best possible choice for them, their dream home on the course.