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                                      PRIVATE HARD MONEY LOANS

About Our Hard Money programs:

We are a direct source for 100% financing loans from $20,000 to no maximum nationally (Nashville, TN metro from $150,000) with no balloon or call payments to 25 years! With rates going up,  there’s never been a better time to apply for a loan. Liberty Capital Lending offers rates & terms that no traditional bank offers.


Why us?:


* 100% financing available

* No up-front fees

* Fixed rates for life of the loan

* No rate adjustments, calls or balloon payments

* Amortization & Terms up to 25 full years

* All fees & cost rolled into the loan proceeds

* No personal guarantees Requirements

* $20,000 minimum loan amount, no max

* 100% portfolio Lender &100% transparency

* Approval issuance takes 48 hours at most

* Less than 1 week funding after approval

* Proof of funds available

* Fixed annunal Interest rate 

* Lending to all credit grades A-D

* Speak to past and current references

* Min- $10,000 and Max: $10,000,000

* Loans are based on project strength only

* All Considerations at Best Available LTVs.

* All 50 States only


We provide you with fast, and quick closings for:

* Residential or Commercial

* Personal loans

* Debt Consolidation

* Arrears on an existing mortgage;

* Foreclosures of commercial properties

* Private Money Loans

* Bad credit mortgages

* Investor mortgages

* Rehab mortgages

* Hard money loans

* Bridge loans

* Home purchase and Refinancing loans

* Private mortgage loans

* Investment property loans

* Business property loans

* Commercial hard money loans


Here’s What Sets Us Apart From Traditional Bank Financing:


* Long-term Security – you never have to worry about refinancing a short-term bank note or rising interest rates. The low interest rate Liberty Capital Lending provides is fixed for the entire 25 year  term of the loan, no balloons or calls. For example, refinancing a short-term bank loan during a time of rising or high interest rates can mean higher mortgage payments. Since most nonprofit  organizations spend all of the money they receive, the additional costs could mean cutbacks on needed programs and services. The rate you lock-in will never increase!


* Reduce Your Risk

Because of the fixed rates over the life of the loan, you eliminate a substantial portion of the risk associated with borrowing on a multi-million dollar project. For instance, if attendance and growth  projections are not met, a bank may not be willing to refinance a short-term loan. Additionally, if interest rates have risen, your organization is faced with an increased new mortgage payment that it  can’t afford. With Liberty Capital Lending your organization is not exposed to these risks and you know your total cost for financing. You have a fixed-rate, full-term loan, with no balloons ever.


* Open-ended Mortgage

Is it possible that your organization will need to borrow additional funds for future phases of construction or additional projects? With traditional bank financing, you would most likely have to  refinance the original loan at the time of the second loan. This may involve additional fees, increased interest rates or prepayment penalties. Liberty Capital Lending loans allow additional  financing to simply be added on to the existing loan balance without changing any of the terms of the original loan. Interest rates on the new money would reflect current market rates, however.


* Greater Flexibility and More Control

It is important to read the fine print associated with any loan. Traditional bank loans may have loan covenants that do not fit your organization’s operational needs and can significantly affect future  financial strategies and options. Their loans restrict the amount of money your organization can borrow or spend on additional capital projects. Some bank loans are set up with a longer term fixed  rate, but require that all future building fund pledges be used to pay down the debt, thus really forcing you to have a short-term loan. We give you total flexibility with the use of your funds.


* No Prepayment Penalties

Unlike Liberty Capital Lending, many commercial banks do not allow you to refinance your loan unless you pay a prepayment penalty. These penalties are typically based on the potential lost profit  to the bank for the remaining years that the loan would have been outstanding. Our financing does not carry any prepayment penalties or restrictions.


* What About Fees?

We saved the best for last! Not only are terms fixed for the entire life of the loan, most all fees can be financed within the loan. However, by paying a little more in the way of up-front costs, your  request can obtain more attractive loan terms.


Our Mission Statement is very simple…..Tell them honestly…Close quickly!

If you’re ready to get your free no obligation quote, contact me here for our 1-page application.


Thank you for choosing Liberty Capital Group

Chalse Michael (Loan Officer)


NMLS# 132933


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Liberty Capital Group Customer Service: 52 Main street,White Plains New York, 10606

All loans made in compliance with Federal ,State and local laws.


1.To Whom it May Concern Re: Refinance of 7798 Foothill Blvd, Tujunga, CA 91042 This note will serve to confirm that I closed a loan with Libert Capital to refinance the above property. The borrower had a middle score of 535 and two mortgage lates. Liberty Capital was able to underwrite this loan based on a 50% loan to value and the cash flow generated from the rental income. The fact that the borrower was going to use the bulk of the cash out to pay down his revolving debt was a plus to Liberty Capital. The loan closed in 4 weeks. Our processor Chalse Michael is very professional and kept me posted as he processed the loan dealing with the borrower directly. This is my first closing with Libert Capital and I look forward to closing many more deals with them. For any questions, feel free to contact me. Jeffrey Fowler Senior Mortgage Consultant PY Capital Mortgage 456 Magic Oak Lane, Sarasota FL 34232 2.We just closed a Purchase transaction with Chalse of the Liberty Capital. Chalse made the process quick and hassle-free, they did exactly as promised and in a very timely manner. Overall I was very satisfied with the customer service and definitely look forward to future business with Chalse and his team. . Daniel Smith Reverse Mortgage Specialist. Royal Capital Lending Group Broker BRE # 01271540 NMLS Licensed # 839305 3.“Chalse, we are keeping your information on file for future clients. You and your team have been great to work with, and we would love to have the opportunity to work together again”. Truly, Jennifer Paulson Team Dawson, Office Manager/Transaction Coordinator Multi-Million Dollar Producer! 4.$2,282,500.00 Cash out Refinance Cross Collateralization on 3 Mixed Use Properties in New York, NY Liberty Capital Provided cross on 3 mixed use properties providing short term interest only bridge loan with no prepayment penalty to meet clients minor rehab and exit strategy. Off to docs with submitting broker making 1% as originally requested upon loan submission. 5.$2,860,000.00 Cash Out Business Purpose on a SFR in Laguna Beach, CA Liberty Capital provided short term interest only business purpose business loan with no prepayment penalty to meet clients business needs. Submitting broker received half a point as agreed to with borrower. Approved and to docs with no changes as usual 6.$304,850.00 Purchase Transaction on OWNER OCCUPIED SFR in Centennial, CO Purchase transaction in which Liberty Capital provided long term amortized debt for acquisition of borrower’s new primary residence. Although Liberty Capital offered NO LE