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Get to Know Linda Fadely

“Who Am I? That’s a great question and I’m still working on the answer. In the meantime, what’s more important to me is: “How may I help YOU?” I am a full time REALTOR®, serving all of Southern Maryland, Southern Anne Arundel and Southern Prince George’s Counties. I specialize in Calvert as I have lived here since 1989. 

The single most important thing to consider when hiring a REALTOR® is: Will it be a good fit, for you and for your REALTOR®? Credentials are great, experience is indispensable, but in my mind the definition of an expert is someone who doesn’t want to learn anything else. (I DO have days like that, you know, where I’d prefer NOT to have a lesson to learn, but then, who doesn’t?) What is most important to me, however, is honesty and integrity. If I know the answer to your questions, I’ll answer them directly. If I don’t, I’ll admit that and find you the answer. We will be a team—whether you’re house hunting, or selling—so it’s very important that we be straight with each other. I truly believe the house selling/buying process should be FUN, not stressful or upsetting. I know that it can be, and that we are all different, and what concerns one may not concern another, but my goal is that the stress be minimized and the excitement be maximized. Every market is different. I am here to educate you. Education gives you the power to make informed decisions. Ask me questions. Tell me what you need. The more I understand, the happier we’ll all be. At the end, when the company sends you the test (they call it the Quality Service Survey), I want it to be a no-brainer. My aim is to achieve a 10 for each question. 

Now, if you’re interested in my background….. I am a native Washingtonian, born just after Eisenhower was elected to his second term. Famous people I share my birthday with are: Imogene Coca, Linda Evans, Owen Wilson, Alan Shephard, Hank Ballard and Mickey Mouse. I am a Scorpio with Sagittarius rising. (What’s your sign?)

I have a B.A. from the University of Colorado in Environmental ConservationI gained a whole lotta experience as a secretary, bookkeeper, legal secretary, writer, fund raiser, executive director of a non-profit, Mom, wife, ex-wife, daughter, sister, cousin and friend. I am no different from you, really.

I have lived in Calvert County and raised both my children here since 1989. I am a member of the Calvert County Chamber of Commerce and am Chair of the Calvert County Tourism Advisory Commission. I presently serve on the Calvert County Citizens Green Team.

So, you decide. No pressure. My contact information is here. You are welcome to call me. Let’s get out and have some fun! doing real estate together.”